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What is a Mastermind?

8 Reasons Joining a Mastermind Should be Your Top Priority for 2022

Published Date: Dec 17, 2021 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Nicole Caliro

“A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.”

Have you ever wondered why Pixar movies are so consistently good?  It’s because in the mid-90s they shucked the standard model of movie making from traditional studios where all the ideas come from the top and created a collaborative environment where everyone had room to share their ideas and receive feedback.  And while that seemed revolutionary at the time for the movie-making business, the idea itself wasn’t new at all. 

Odoo MembersFrom the Yancey Graham Mastermind Weekend 

Famous minds throughout history have utilized the Mastermind process to go from a person with an idea to someone who children study in school over a hundred years later.  Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the list goes on. And that’s just from 50+ years ago. 

Now of course, we live in a world where women entrepreneurs are no longer an anomaly and if there’s anything we’ve learned from our three masterminds of 2021, it’s that stepping into a Mastermind should be a key goal for all entrepreneurs in 2022.

Here’s why:

Collaboration and synergy.  Masterminds aren’t just about getting advice from like-minded professionals, when you mastermind with people they are just as invested in your business as you are. These fresh eyes don’t just skim a business plan and say what comes to their minds.  A Mastermind is a place to look at every angle with the benefit of diverse backgrounds and expertise behind you. 

High-Value Feedback.  This isn’t a group project in school where some people give their all and others are happy to coast.  Masterminds are curated to ensure you receive instant high-value feedback from a group of engaged, passionate individuals.

Think bigger.  There’s something to be said for perspective.  When you look at a problem long enough, your brain starts to close in and limit all the possibilities you’re able to digest for yourself.  A Mastermind is a group of people who will break down those walls your brain has built up so you can see the bigger picture of possibilities.

Focus and clarity.  The same people who break down those walls exposing the big picture are the same ones who help you iron out the details and really look at HOW you get that big picture endgame.  Numbers, marketing, P&Ls, your mastermind group is there to click in the right lens to focus on what will help you reach your goals and what is extraneous. 

Get Ahead of Your Competition. Masterminds aren’t only about you; they are about every participant in the group. When your peers share their challenges, solutions, and successes in their own business, you get a leg up on your competition by having first-hand experiences to learn from other than your own. 

Accountability.  Whether you choose to participate in an immersive mastermind experience or one that’s spread out throughout the year, you’re creating bonds that last and in doing so giving yourself the gift of accountability.

Sharing your ideas. Giving first, sharing always. Masterminds are about the shared success of everyone.  Other people will benefit from the incredible knowledge and ideas you share. When we get our ideas out of our head and speak them aloud, it creates room in our brains and souls for more creation. 

Grow your network. A mastermind is one of the absolute best ways to grow your network. Being equally invested in your peers’ success, you’ll get to enjoy mutually beneficial opportunities to lift others as you climb.  You could find a new business partner, a new investor, opportunities for cross promotion, and more.  The possibilities are endless!

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