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Sandra's Favorite Things

Our CEO Shares All Her Favorite Things

Published Date: Dec 10, 2021 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Nicole Caliro

It’s a very special time of year, my friends!  In addition to wrapping up what we hope was a wonderful 2021 for you AND being in the thick of the holidays, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about Sandra’s Favorite Things. 

Red Leaf Home Candles

When you walk into the eWN office and it smells like Citrus, Cedar, and a hint of ambition, it’s probably because Sandra was burning a Red Lead candle.  Made with essential oils and packaged with a wooden top for convenient travel (because let’s face it, hotels during business trips just don’t smell like home), Red Leaf candles come in a variety of scents and styles.  They even have a pet collection that keeps your home from smelling too much like your beloved fur babies! CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

Dell Latitude 9520

It’s no secret we love DELL at eWomenNetwork, but the Latitude 9520 is off the charts amazing. It’s sleek, it’s fast, it charges quickly, and has outstanding battery life.  What’s not to love?  Plus, it has optimized sound and microphone quality so it’s easier to have video conferences no matter where you are! CHECK IT OUT HERE!  And BONUS, eWomenNetwork Members get a special discount!  Get your Discount Code HERE. 

Haku Vodka

Sandra is a loud and proud dirty martini lover, it even says so on her LinkedIn page! When it’s time to kick back at the end of the day with a drink so tasty it can only be served in a stem glass, Haku is one of her favorites.  Filtered through bamboo charcoal to give it a smooth, clean taste, it’s the perfect addition to any home bar. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Tooletries Face Scrubber

This silicon magic pad unclogs pores, exfoliates, and help prevents breakouts.  Silicon is far more sanitary than the brush alternatives many of us grew up with.  Plus, it gets you a deep clean and is still totally useable for people with sensitive skin. CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

Baby PJs from Spearmint Love (preferably with a rufflebutt!)

Sandra loves spoiling Tati with lovely, comfy clothes, but an absolute favorite of both Sandra and Bri is Spearmint Love.  They are the leading independent online retailer of baby soft goods.  Great selection, great quality, and so cute.  CHECKOUT SPEARMINT LOVE HERE. 

Satin Pillowcase

This may seem like an obvious one, because satin is soft and comfy, but satin pillowcases are one of the best things you can do for the health of your skin and your hair. There are a lot of great brands out there, but Blissy has a great selection of colors and styles.  CHECK OUT BLISSY'S SELECTION HERE. 

Black Lava Sea Salt by My Fabulous Food

Sandra is an amazing cook, so we’d be remiss not to get her favorite foodie item of the moment!  Black Lava Sea Salt by My Fabulous Food’s color from activated charcoal derived from coconut shells.  It’s a beautiful and tasty way to top off a myriad of delectable dishes. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Soma Loungewear

When you’re a CEO, comfort is key.  Sure it’s great to get all dolled up and throw on the heels, but when it’s a regular work day or you’re in work travel mode, being comfortable is far more important.  Soma Loungewear is comfy, high-quality, and has a simple, classic look. CHECK THEM OUT HERE

The Morning Show on Apple TV+

If you need to wind down after a long week at work and just lose yourself in a gripping story, The Morning Show is all the rage here in our eWN offices.  The Morning Show stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as co-anchors of a national morning news program after the previous co-anchor left in disgrace following sexual misconduct allegations. It’s a must-watch. Apple TV + starts at only $4.99 per month and is home to other great series like Ted Lasso, Defending Jacob, and more.  

Gourmet Done Skinny

For the best recipes, tips, and tricks to enjoy a gourmet lifestyle with a healthy spin, Sandra loves Gourmet Done Skinny. With year-round content and seasonal flair, Gourmet Done Skinny is an amazing resource for everything from big holiday recipes to a regular weeknight dinner.  There's no need to sacrifice flavor for health with Amy Lawrence's recipes.  

BIL-JAC Little Jacs

Last but not least, Sandra's Favorite Things wouldn't be complete without something for our CMO (Chief Morale Officer), Dash!  Our dear Dash is very spoiled with parents who care so much about his health he enjoys chicken and rice as his regular diet.  But just like a kid who sometimes favors McDonalds over homemade meatloaf, Dash indulges in Little Jac treats to break-up the rough work day of sleeping in the office and chasing after a ball down the eWN hallways.  CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

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  • Jean Tillery on 12/10/2021 04:14 PM

    I love my new Dell computer, and I love that I got it at a great price with my eWN corporat discount. Even better...Dell's customer service is the best I have ever seen. When the monitor I ended up getting sold out, and the replacement they suggested was stuck in a shipping black hole, they found one that was available and gave it to me at the cost of the one I first ordered and it was all done in a matter of minutes with one phone call. Thank you Dell and eWN. Now I am off to look at candles and face scrubbers...


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