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Productive (& Fun!) Summer Education Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s to-do list is never done. However, as we enter into the warmer months, we do have more daylight hours to work with and, often, a bit more flexibility in our schedules. Might we suggest a little “summer school?”

As a kid, the phrase might have suggested dull days behind a desk, but for grown-ups, the landscape of academic and artistic pursuits is filled with creative and enriching prospects. So, why not trade carpooling and teacher conferences, or utilize a bit of vacation time, to expand our minds? Consider the following ideas for “extra credit” courses that can benefit your business life, too. 

Comedy & Improv: If you’re like us, you’ve always been curious about taking a class at the local stand-up spot. And, did you know, comedy and improv classes aren’t just for laughs? They can teach valuable business skills such as quick thinking, adaptability, teamwork, and effective communication across myriad settings and situations. Consider this your casting call to take a turn at the mic. 

Cooking & Baking: Whether through a gourmet grocery or formal culinary school, cooking and baking classes are perennial favorites. Why not explore the cuisine of an exotic culture, or finally pin down the perfect pie crust? As you gain practical skills, the experience will also enhance your attention to detail and ability to perform under pressure. 

Creative Writing: Have you always wanted to channel your inner poet? Pen the great American novel? Creative writing classes nurture the imagination and sharpen communication skills. These abilities are valuable in various professional settings, including marketing, content creation, and internal communication, where engaging narratives and messaging are essential. 

Foreign Languages: In today’s globalized workplace, proficiency in another language can lead to opportunities for international business, negotiation, and collaboration, fostering inclusivity and expanding professional networks. What’s more, many self-study options in this category are ideal for those who want to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule. 

Photography: Gone are the days of “point, shoot, and hope for the best” in the era of social media. In fact, the ability to engage audiences visually has become invaluable for content creation, marketing, and branding. It doesn’t take 1,000 words to know that the ability frame, light, capture, and edit compelling photos is priceless. 

Psychology & Sociology: It’s only human! So many of us are naturally curious about behavior, social dynamics, and cultural influences. By taking the time to understand these concepts we can improve our interpersonal skills, empathy, and conflict resolution abilities in the workplace, as well. 

Studio Arts: From sketching a still life, to sculpting clay, to water coloring on canvas, we’ve all dreamed of letting our inner artist out to play. The studio arts are ideal for cultivating creativity, no matter your skill level or medium of choice. This time well spent will translate to various aspects of your professional life, as well, where innovative thinking and visual expression are valued. 

Web Development: Finally, web development classes teach technical skills such as coding, website design, and problem-solving. In this digital age, proficiency in web development is applicable across industries, including technology, marketing, and e-commerce, enabling you to envision, supervise, and contribute to digital projects and initiatives effectively. 

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