Teri Karjala

Transformational Life Strategist.
Author, International Speaker.
Talking With Teri-TV Host.



Speaker Description

Teri Karjala, is a Transformational Life Strategist, the founder of Creative Counseling Center and Talking With Teri, best-selling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. She has been featured a many television, podcasts, radio shows, and is a regular guest on Channel 7 and Fox 21stations. She is Coach with Forbes, host of a top 100 podcast, and Host of Talking With Teri-TV featuring various local and national celebrities.

Teri is a thought leader in female empowerment and entrepreneurship. She has combined her 26 years of counseling background with energy psychology and applied the principles of quantum physics to transform people’s lives by clearing the unconscious blocks that hold us back.


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