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Sylvia Henderson

Idea Implementation Expert
Strategy | Implementation | Accountability
Phone: (301) 260-1538
Phone: (202) 580-9390

Travels From: Washington, DC Baltimore, MD

Speaker Description:

From ideas - to implementation - to income. I help you figure things out and get things done! You have ideas. Yet without focus, strategies, tools, action & accountability, they mean very little. While you serve others, what about a partner who serves you? I bring my corporate management & board leadership experience to entrepreneurs to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Even if you’re in a coaching program, or are an experienced business person, it helps to get out of your own head to get perspectives and accountability with an implementation expert.

I wrote the book on systematically implementing ideas: “Hey, That’s MY Idea!” As host of the IdeaSuccess.TV webcast & a cable TV show, and Founder of the Idea Success Network of programs & resources, my passion is applying a science to transforming ideas to action and sharing stories of people who implement ideas.

To give balance to my life I ride motorcycles & rollercoasters, volunteer as a Girl Scout Trainer, watch Star Trek™ everything, and cherish 32+ years with my life partner in the DC area.

Keywords: business, ideas, implementation, action, accountability, income, profit, purpose, impact, strategy

Additional language: english ,

Speaking Fees: My speaking fee varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event, and other parameters. I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee. It all starts with a conversation!
Range: $1500.00-$15,000.00


Integrate those great ideas you get at conferences and events, with life ‘back home’, for maximum return on your meetings & travel investment. (A before, during, and after-event program package.) Sylvia works with you/your organization before an event to set intentions for full participation, provides tools and a short speaking program for every day of your event to gather the days' top points for attendees, and conducts an after-event session for integrating the event's take-aways into the realities of the professional, business, and home life to which you/your people quickly return.

Key Takeaways

Integrating a program, and tools, into an event provides a consistent and flexible resource for attendees. The IMPACT(c) process for capturing, clarifying, strategizing, and implementing ideas works for events, too. An integrated process of before-during-after an event works best for maximum ROI.


So many ideas; so few implemented. Do you find yourself with a lot of ideas, then toss them out, forget to write them down, get lost in “decision collision”, tell yourself “some day”, or wait too long to communicate them & find that someone else “stole them”?

With this program you take away a process that helps you to:

  • Capture & clarify your “money idea” on which to focus your time and energy

  • Organize your thoughts & resources to get clarity for your strategy

  • Develop your implementation strategy

  • Communicate effectively to garner support you need

  • Overcome roadblocks

Key takeaways will include:

  •   Make sure your ideas align with your purpose & passion (goals).  

  •   Use the IMPACT(c) process to make an impact with your ideas.  

  •   Use decision tools to choose your "money idea".  

  •   Develop a strategy for action and accountability.  

  •   Capture your idea details with a consistent methodology.  


(Presented on stage at the eWomenNetwork Conference - 2017)

As entrepreneurs & professionals, you have lots of ideas. Yet how many do you actually complete? Implementation is the challenge we face with so many ideas. Over the years, Sylvia has figured out systems and strategies that help her implement more of her ideas, and she brings her corporate experience & implementation expertise to helping you do the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the one thing to overcome to consistently move your ideas to action...that is common for all of us.

  • Receive three action items you can apply to your ideas immediately to bring them to reality.

  • Learn how to use an "Idea Journal" - one that I offer, or your own - to capture your ideas, then focus on the one with the greatest ROI (return on investment) for you.

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