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Dr. Susan Lovelle

The Thrive Architect
Founder | CEO Premiere Wellness
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Speaker Description:

Dr. Susan Lovelle, The Thrive Architect, helps busy professional and business women who feel like they are just surviving on caffeine and willpower overcome the frustration of ineffective, cookie-cutter health advice so they can have the energy, power, and balance they want in their lives.

She’s the creator of Premiere Wellness, a comprehensive holistic health company based in Raleigh, NC, serving clients globally with customized wellness solutions for weight, energy, and hormones.

After 22 years as an award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Susan now uses her added expertise in Functional Medicine to help others heal from the inside out, leading to lasting, powerful change.

Dr. Susan has been featured on The Doctors, Lifetime TV, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Good Morning Washington, and Good Day Charlotte.  

Keywords: Health, Peak Performance, Stress Management, Nutrition, Women's Issues, Wellness and Life Balance

Wellness and Life Balance

Busy entrepreneurs and businesswomen often rely on caffeine or willpower to push through their day then wonder why they struggle with fatigue or excess weight.  When they try cookie-cutter remedies, they get frustrated because they don’t work for them. 

As busy entrepreneurs, we know that our productivity and business growth are intimately tied to feeling strong and energetic.  Unfortunately,  as we focus on managing our enterprise, we often push our own health to the back burner or rely on cookie-cutter advice that doesn't work.  

Key Takeaways

There are, however, three things you can do right now to be able to get out of survival mode and begin to thrive—LISTEN, LET GO, AND LIVE:

  • Listen to the quiet messages your body is giving you...your body is so wise. It knows exactly what you need at this point in your life and if you don't listen while it's whispering to you, it will do whatever it has to do to get you to listen.
  • Let Go of what isn't serving you. If it's not growing you, it's holding you back.
  • Last, Live your own version of thriving. And what that means is very personal - no one else can tell you what that means for you.

Peak Performance

You're a BOSS Woman - Bold, Optimistic, Strong, Supportive - but recently, the only way to answer all the demands of work and home is to push through on caffeine and willpower.

Wouldn't you like to have more than enough energy to thrive both personally and professionally? 


Join Dr. Susan for a free event where you'll discover:

  • The top drains on your energy - including one you may not know about!
  • How to stop the fatigue-stimulant-fatigue hamster wheel you've been on
  • Three key takeaways you can start immediately to generate more energy consistently and safely
  • The critical connection between your optimal health and the health of your business 


Feeling constantly "fatigued and foggy" or just know that something's off with your hormones?

Like the majority of women, you may have received little to no support when it comes to optimal hormonal balance-and we don't just mean when you're in peri-menopause or menopause.

When your hormones are in balance, you feel strong, energetic, and focused.  

Key Takeaways

Hormonal imbalances are often the real culprit when it comes to seemingly unrelated symptoms such as:

  • chronic fatigue & low energy
  • stubborn weight gain
  • insomnia
  • mood swings
  • trouble concentrating and brain fog
  • chronic headaches
  • low or overactive thyroid

Dr. Susan unveils how to go from fatigued and foggy to focused, energized, and productive (often without hormone replacement therapy)!

Peak Performance

Did you know that, according to Forbes, 44% of business travelers eat more junk while on the road?  When you add other travel problems like poor sleep, sitting all day in conferences, and jet lag, the reality is that travel is hard.  

It doesn't have to be that way, though; you can be at peak performance even while juggling changing time zones, nutrition, and energy-draining schedules.  

Key Takeaways

During this interactive talk, you'll discover how to:

  • Find healthier foods while on the road

  • Choose healthier foods without feeling deprived or "different"

  • Get better sleep

  • Stay energized and focused without needing stimulants

  • Eliminate "travel bloat" and other digestive issues

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