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Pat Alva-Kraker

Business Coach
Human Design Expert
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Travels From: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Speaker Description:

Pat Alva-Kraker is a business coach, Human Design Business expert, real estate private lender and philanthropist.  Pat has combined 35 years in the IT, ranching and real estate industries to create a business mentoring organization that assists heart-centered women entrepreneurs scale their business with ease and grace, so they can experience time and financial freedom and create a life they love.

She is the host of the podcast A Seat at the Table…The Feminine Voice of Leadership.  Tune in and discover the power of making decisions from a heightened awareness and action steps you can implement immediately into your own business.  

Pat is the author of the two #1 Best-sellers “Katherine’s Quest: One Woman’s Journey to Elation” 


Keywords: Mindset, empowering habits, boundaries, retreats, strength finder, routines, self-care, marketing, visibility, scaling, consciousness, leadership, personal growth

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Empowering Habits contribute to the success of an entrepreneur.At the of this session, women will understand the power of rituals, boundaries and living mindfully. They will have developed their own morning ritual, established personal and business boundaries, and discovered what it is to live mindfully.

Key Takeaways

- Discover the power of morning rituals and why they are important.
-Create their own rituals.

-Discover the power of boundaries and how they can transform their life and business for the better.

-Establish personal and business boundaries.

-Discover ways to live a mindful life.


Business Management

Empowering habits contribute to the success of an entrepreneur. At the end of this session, you will:

* Discover the power of rituals and how to develop your own morning ritual

* Walk away with an understanding of why boundaries are important in you life and business and develop your own boundaries

* Discover the power of a growth mindset, connect with your zone of genius and identify the actions to take to keep you in your zone


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