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Michele Gunderson

Breakthrough Story Expert
The Secret Sauce of Goals.
Phone: (403) 968-3717

Travels From: Calgary, AB

Speaker Description:

Dr. Michele Gunderson teaches visionary messengers how to tap into the secret power of story to catapult their business and their lives. A bestselling author and former University instructor, Michele is known by many as the Breakthrough Story Expert. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create empowering stories in every aspect of their businesses, from speaking and networking to managing a team to getting the words out. Her clients go from not know what they want to offer to creating five- or six-figure months in a business they love. When you discover your own empowering story with Michele, you can learn to play more, have fun, create a profitable business, and powerfully share your gifts with the world.

Creative Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs know that we need good stories for business: client testimonials, speaker biographies, and sales pitches are all stories. We fear the poorly-told story, the glazed look when we tell people what we do at networking events. We long to captivate people with what we have to say, and we run from presentations that bore us. At some level, we know that it's all about story.

What most entrepreneurs do NOT know is how to tap into the secret power of story to connect with their ideal clients, create powerful presentations, and have people clamoring to join their tribe.  Even when you're simply "presenting the facts", when you incorporate story, you impact the bottom line.

Key Takeaways

  • Why "just the facts" won't move your audience the way stories will

  • How the well-told story actually changes the chemistry of your listener's brain and moves them to action

  • How understanding story form can take you from being exhausted and overworked to easily landing the deal

  • How to know when you are accidentally telling a disempowering story for your potential clients or your company, or worse still, no coherent story at all

  • How incorporating the well-told story in your business can increase your sales five-fold and beyond

  • If you ever feel like you're talking, but no one is hearing you, it's time for you to discover how to have the power of a well-told story on your side. Join Dr. Gunderson and learn how to captivate your ideal clients, create powerful stories that magnetically attract people to you and your company, exponentially grow your sales, and have a whole lot more fun!

At this event, we will have three panel speakers who will touch on some key areas of being a successful CEO. How do they start their day? What intentional habits have they formed? Why does this matter? And so much more.

Join us as we hear from three successful small business CEO's: Michele Gunderson, Lani Donaldson, and Paula Onysko.