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Julie Miller Davis

Productivity and Efficiency Coach
Speaker and Trainer
Workshop Facilitator
Phone: 719-822-1998
Phone: 719-650-6428

Travels From: Colorado Springs, CO Denver, CO

Speaker Description:

Bottom line--Julie is a teacher. A driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their own levels of excellence, Julie works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through road blocks to reach their goals and make the money they deserve. She has led and developed highly successful teams, and helped hundreds escalate their own businesses and achieve goad they may never have thought possible. Her super power of out-of-the-box thinking uncovers new ways to solve business stagnation, resulting in growth and propelling her clients into new and exciting directions. Julie has created the perfect storm to bring fresh perspective to your business. She's ready to rock--are you?

Keywords: Coach, Productivity, Business, Time Management, Efficiency, Stuck, Prioritize, Time, Busy

Speaking Fees: My speaking fee varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event etc. Depending on my schedule or the timing of your event I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee if any fee at all.

Time Management

Many of us are drowning in everything we feel we need to get through every single day/week/month.  Julie Miller Davis has the answer!  In Prioritize with Power, Julie teaches you how to say yes to the right things, no to the right things and ultimately have more balance, and more time, and less stress--thus creating space for more clients, more money, and more freedom.  And who wouldn't want that?  

Key Takeaways

 Key takeaways will include:

  •   Empowering your professional self through controlling your calendar

  •   Learning the 3 D's system in order to navigate your to-do list(s)  

  •   Creating more TIME in your daily and weekly schedule  

Business Excellence

Are there things that are holding you back from big growth?  Worries?  Wishes?  Roadblocks?  Julie Miller Davis uses her Solve Unsolvable Probables System to teach you to take control of things you may feel are out of your control and to start taking charge to move your business forward, resetting your Productivity Patterns.

Key Takeaways

  • Increase your Circle of Control

  • Get through Roadblocks that you feel are holding you back

  • A tool to go from feeling STUCK to taking ACTION

Motivation and Inspiration

Too many times as business owners and entrepreneurs, we let the fear of the unknown or failure stop us from trying something or moving forward.  In Commit to Courage, Julie Miller Davis explores what waits in the Courage Zone, what holds us back, and how to TAKE THE LEAP with less stress and more confidence. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify what is waiting in your Courage Zone
  • Learn 3 simple steps to venture into the Courage Zone
  • Set the First Step to Committing to Courage
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