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Gens Johnson

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The Fastest Way To Get Results - Clear The Debris From Your Life Through Effective Goal Planning.
Phone: 972-322-5140
Phone: 972-322-5140

Speaker Description:

Gens Johnson is CEO & Founder of Gens Johnson Inspires, along with being a Top Leader in Nerium, International -the fastest growing global Anti-Aging company. Her passion to excellence, success, and helping people achieve has driven her to excel in every industry, company, and organization she has associated. Gens holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development and Bachelors Degree in Health & Wellness which speaks to who she is at the core - a professional focused on the complete development of a person mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally.

Gens's passion is teaching individuals how to transform and take control of their lives so they can live fulfilled and happy which in turns allows them to turn around and contribute more of their greatness to the world.

Gens is a wife, mother of five, successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Gens is truly the essence of hard work, determination, and fun.  

Business Management

Massive success isn't a mystery, it's a very achievable goal - You just have to know what to do to achieve it.  Step number one is becoming a top producing leader.  Nothing happens without a leader, specifically your own success.  There are six specific traits you must possess to move yourself up the ladder of success. Come learn what the "Big Picture" looks like and what you need to do to up level your results in every area.   

Business Management

Does this sound like you? "I can't find the time to get everything done."  "I feel overwhelmed."  "I don't know where to start."  "I feel stuck."  These are very common statements made by people who need help with effective goal planning.  In this presentation Gens will cover the basics of PLAN/DO/REVIEW.  She will teach you how to take control of your life by taking control of your time in a easy, systematic way.  Becoming a "Master Planner" will not only make you happier and feel more confident but it will put you on the path to living your life on your terms.  You ready to live your life by choice instead of by chance?  

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