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Esta McIntyre

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Speaker Description

Esta McIntyre is a seasoned Wellness expert with over 30 years of research and 20+ years in the fitness industry. Her groundbreaking program seamlessly blends business success with optimal health for busy women. With a mix of humor and science, Esta offers a fail-proof strategy for empowered living: shedding pounds, building strength, and harnessing 'youth hormones' for that vibrant glow.

Esteemed as a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Esta's expertise has been acknowledged in renowned publications such as 'Brain and Life' and 'First for Women' magazines. She's also a frequent guest on popular podcasts, including 'Not Your Average Grandma' and 'It Just Takes One.'

Guided by her core 'F' words—Food, Fitness, Faith, Fun/Fulfillment, and Finance—Esta underscores the crucial link between health and wealth. As a committed Medical Fitness educator, she has witnessed the transformative power of self-care in the pursuit of success. Her mission is clear: to inspire high-achieving women to align their well-being with their financial goals for boundless energy and prosperity.

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