Elayna Fernandez

International Keynote Speaker
Bestselling Author
Storyteller | Strategist | Student of Pain



Speaker Description

Known worldwide for her bestselling books, life-transforming training programs, and highly-acclaimed blog, Elayna is a Latina Storyteller, award-winning Story Strategist, and avid Student of Pain, often featured in global media.

Certified as a coach, teacher, and master trainer, she empowers moms worldwide with the mindset to transform pain into peace, power, and positive growth, so they can experience happiness, hope, and healing in motherhood and marketing mastery to succeed in digital entrepreneurship.

Born and raised in a slum in the Dominican Republic, many times a survivor, and a single mom and home educator of 4 daughters, Elayna lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Her philosophy is “BE Positive and You’ll BE Powerful!”