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Donna Galassi

Digital Brand Strategist and founder Blue Zenith Design + Strategy
Author, Reimagine Your Brand: How to Create Impact For Your Business
Founder of the Go Ahead. Dream Big. Programs
Phone: (720) 248-8431
Phone: (720) 273-9502

Speaker Description:

Donna Galassi, speaker, author, digital brand strategist, and founder of Blue Zenith Design+ Strategy, has been in the tech industry all of her career with more than 15 years as a Software Engineer before founding Blue Zenith, in 2009. Donna brings her unique skill set, blending software development, web design, marketing savvy and branding know-how to launch brands by effectively telling their story. It’s her passion to provide quality top-notch services to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them compete in this highly competitive online world.

Keywords: Digital Brand, Branding for Entrepreneurs, Branding Coach, Brand Strategy, website, branding, web design, digital marketing

Speaking Fees: My speaking fee varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event etc. Depending on my schedule or the timing of your event I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee.

This talk is based on the book “Reimagine Your Brand: How to Create Impact For Your Business”, this talk is directed to entrepreneurs and small businesses that need to stand up, stand tall and stand out.

As a small business and entrepreneur, we know we need to stand out distinct and unique to get attention. How do you set your business offerings apart when there’s so many distractions? By infusing personality and heart into our business brand, we allow our business to stand as unique as we are. It’s the only way to stand out today. My unique perspective of branding infuses traditional branding methods, with personal branding techniques to a path to truly show up uniquely different.


You are your brand. How do you bring that into your digital website? 

1. Through the talk we'll identify the top four questions you can answer to set your business and offerings distinct.

2. You'll learn the top four reasons people buy from you and how you can bring that information into your digital message.

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