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Speaker Description:

Diana Sabatino is originally from Pittsburgh Pa, but has lived throughout the United States and Abroad.

With over 35 years of business experience, as a Executive, Consultant,  and Entrepreneur. Her career began in the fortune 100, Diana led National Acct organizations, built and managed sales teams, and developed and delivered sales, management leadership training. As an Independent Consultant Diana spent 7 years serving International and domestic clients on Sales, Leadership and performance management.

In 2005 Diana decided to use her business savvy in the entrepreneurial arena and established Diana & Company Jewelry Designs.  As a small business owner & entrepreneur Diana was always looking to connect with others and share her success.  In 2016 Diana took on the role of Managing Director for eWomenNetwork, a International Organization serving, supporting & mentoring women business owners & entrepreneurs. 

During the last 5years in this role Diana has observed a growing need for the small business owner, and this has prompted her to reprise her Training and Business Consulting  expertise and in 2019, Diana  launched ExSell Performance a training and sales development company focused on serving corporate, small businesses and entrepreneurs to implement effective strategies that elevate & impact their sales & leadership.

When not working you will find her with hubby Mike at the Poker tables or creating music in the studio singing and doing voice overs.


Would you like to be more Successful Selling?   

Would You like MORE Sales MORE Often?

Diana will be sharing her Steps to a successful sale .

"To Master Business You Must Master Sales " Selling requires you to master communications, be genuinely interested in understanding your clients needs and providing them guidance to solve their problems..

Diana  expertise has been to create customized curriculum / structures and tools that has helped 1000 s of  corporations, and business owners, increase their sales performance, revenue, retention, while maintaining a congruent message . 


Key Takeaways

You will be  introduced to tools and strategies that will help you .

-Identify your Ideal Client & Market 

-Clarify the needs you meet and the transformation you provide

-Know your key differentiators 

-Getting the Client to take an Action

-Building ongoing Successful Business Relationships

Best Practices

Whether You are Introducing Yourself at a mixer, a networking event or a business meeting. You want your message to be Clear, Concise, and Conversational. 
How do we take everything we want to share,   our expertise, credentials and deliver an effective message .. Be quick, interesting, compelling and make those listening want to know more... 

What if Im meeting someone in person.. on the phone.. online.. or I'm doing an introduction from the stage. ??  Does my content change?

Do you want to know ??

Well ...I can Help !!  


Create a Impactful 1 min introduction ..That can be adjusted for 3 different scenarios..  

Networking Introduction- In Person- On Line- On Stage 

Learning : The participants will be able to identify the information that needs to be in their presentation to get the optimal result. 

Interactive and fun presentation...

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