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Becky Davis

Chief Bosspreneur
Small Business Guide
Phone: (678) 265-8076
Phone: (770) 330-4526

Travels From: Atlanta, GA

Speaker Description:

Chief BOSSpreneur® Becky A. Davis is also known as the “Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon” for her straight-forward coaching skills that develop individuals into well-rounded business owners.  

Becky works as a Small Business Guide that designs business growth blueprints to help businesses accelerate growth and build legacy businesses. Becky is the CEO of MVPwork LLC coaching and consulting firm and she is the founder of The Bosspreneur® Business Circle, a global online and in-person networking platform dedicated to the advancement of women-owned businesses and she is determined to be the global leader in WB2WB (women business to women business) partnerships and transactions.  

She is a member of the prestigious Forbes Magazine Coaches Council, entrepreneur coach for Odyssey Media Retreat, executive coach for Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit and national entrepreneur spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company’s women small business initiative. 

She has been featured in FOX, Black Enterprise, Essence, ABC, Forbes and Huffington Post regarding her work an mission to help women business owners. Becky is one of the most in-demand speakers and expert for small businesses, leadership development, and women empowerment. She has written seven books and is a best-selling author.  She lives in Atlanta GA. 

Speaking Fees: $5000-$7000

Small Business

All small businesses want to make money and increase their profits but sometimes get stuck or stalled. This topic will help you get started again. A 3-Part strategy to higher profits. Helping entrepreneurs build their business and boost their bottom line. Motivating small business owners to step outside the box to build business further, faster.

Key Takeaways

People. You win or lose with people. Learn how to win. Learn how to effectively plan 5 part of your business Learn how Purpose can carry your business during the tough times. Productivity tips that drive resule


They say that knowledge is power, but is that really true? For content marketers, knowledge is only powerful if it can be converted into a product, a service, sales, and a bottom line.

So how do you turn your knowledge into a money-making machine?

That’s the million-dollar question. 

Come learn the 


You will learn the three reason you should create an online course, why most people don't create an online course and a proven framework to create your online course using the information you already know.  Create a really efficient way to make money from your knowledge and grow your community of students and followers who are loyal to you. 


So many people are waiting for their supervisor to train them, or help them get promoted. Individuals must take some ownership of helping themselves. This topic will teach attendees how to utilize available resources to develop themselves. This topic teaches you to take personal responsibility for your career and life.

Key Takeaways

How to find resources that can boost your career How to plan your own promotion What you can do to develop yourself


To get great results and sustain them, you must have great leaders. This topic teaches 5 proven practices that engages employees and develops leaders. This session makes an emotional connection that helps attendees take personal responsibility of how important their job role is to the organization.

Key Takeaways

Learn how to INspire a compelling vision that people embrase Learn how to INvest in developing yourself and your employees growth Learn how to INvent your winning team Learn how to INgage the heart of employees Learn how to INstill collaboration to get the best ROI