Annette Jacobson

Expert in creating results through deep transformation
Founder and CEO of Women Rocking the World



Speaker Description

Annette is a visionary, an entrepreneur, leader, philanthropist and determined optimist dedicated to helping you become the powerful person you want to be, and supporting you in being the champion of your own greatness.  She does this by creating an environment  of inspiration and motivation, sharing wisdom and practices that make her an expert change agent.

Her current clients have experienced results such as increasing their organization's annual grant capabilities by 25%, increasing their business monthly gross revenue by 400%, traveling solo with confidence to third world countries, and along the way experiencing happier, more fulfilled lives. 

Born on an Air Force Base hospital and pronounced dead at her birth, she knew even as a young girl that she had a date with destiny.  Her circuitous route has included a degree in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin, a career in Information Systems, being a homemaker, PTA President, and Church President.

For most of her life, she has facilitated and coached others in various settings. Following her curiosity and thirst for growth, she studied and taught yoga, eventually becoming a certified yoga therapist, while also pursuing her creative side, painting and then selling prints of her work on Etsy.  She completed Feminine Power Coaching and Facilitation with Dr. Claire Zammit, studied Human Potential with Jean Houston and belongs to Sandra Yancey's eWomenNetwork.    

Annette is passionate about supporting you in receiving the gifts that are yours, and helping you eliminate the things that are blocking you. The result?  You will live as a champion,with a life of joy and fullness, all the while changing the world because you are living your greatest life.

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