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Coaching Philosophy

One of the most powerful questions we can ever ask is "what do I truly want"? 

Once we discover and connect with the answers; we can start to create the future that we really desire - our "vision".

A compelling long-term vision that we feel deeply connected to creates a strong sense of motivation.  We feel "pulled" forward versus feeling "pushed".  We experience less procrastination, increased confidence and start to think in bigger, bolder and more exciting ways.  We tap into our full potential and can see the BIG possibilities in our businesses.

Part of this process is to identify the blind spots and limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  These are often hidden from us and are causing us to play much smaller than we could be!  Having the courage to uncover our blind spots is one of the most effective and quick ways we can grow.   And with each new stage of growth, new blind spots will emerge and require us to up level our identity.

Coaching is a true partnership between coach and client.  It is always an honor for me to create a space for my clients to truly explore what they want, how they can better understand themselves and confidently move forward.  I believe strongly in the value and power of community.  I work with clients individually or in group programs.  One of my biggest motivators is to empower women to see their true talent, competency, resiliency and potential in business.

Who Can Benefit Most

This is for you, if you would love to:

  • Uncover the blind spots and limiting beliefs that are invisibly holding you back
  • Create a clear, compelling and exciting bold vision for your business
  • Overcome self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism
  • Identify the strengths you can leverage to experience even greater confidence and growth
  • Experience consistent motivation and focus by understanding your unique motivation style
  • Learn your rock-solid success mindset
  • Have more ease, joy and happiness in your life and business

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