Premier Success Coach

Julie Anderson

Neuro-Transformation Expert. Helping women maximize their NATURAL brain gifts with the power of neuroscience so they can achieve more in life, business, and relationships.

Your Best Mind, LLC


Coach Donor Platinum Podcast Host

Coaching Philosophy

I often tell people that their most valuable asset is not their stock portfolio, their real estate holdings or their bank balance. It is in fact their brain. Everything we do, all of our programs, are rooted in neuroscience so you can achieve the best brain performance possible. This is not a secret or wishful thinking. This is the science of identifying your brain gifts and optimizing your brain power. You may need to rewire your brain through managing your thinking. When you understand the value and possibilities of your greatest asset, your potential is LIMITLESS! I work to help my clients MAXIMIZE their NATURAL brain strengths and understand how to best use these in their business. When you learn how to manage your mindset, build your business around your brain, and train your brain for success, all with the power of neuroscience, what you can achieve is nothing short of AMAZING! Every tangible, actionable technique and program I teach is based in brain science and highly effective. The results are lower stress, higher success, and overall satisfaction and happiness in life, relationships, and business.

Who Can Benefit Most

If you are:

1. New in business

2. At a growth stage or shifting in your business

3. If you are struggling with procrastination

4. Want to achieve a higher level of success and lower your stress

5. Have success but don’t feel good about yourself

then working with the brain-based programs we have at Your Best Mind will absolutely help.

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