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Betsy Clark

Your Mindset Matters! Confidence and Courage Mindset Coach

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Coaching Philosophy

Have you ever questioned if your service or program is good enough? Wondered if you are “good enough” to play a bigger game and accomplish that unremitting purpose that won’t go away? These doubts and lack of confidence can hold you back in business. That is why your mindset matters!

I help women find their voice and not lose their soul in business. You have unique talents and strengths that will help you grow your business. Because you are subjective, it is easy to dismiss your strengths. The investment of skills, knowledge and utilizing best practices through the lens of your strengths is a game changer! It will amplify your power, heighten engagement, productivity and satisfaction. This clarity builds confidence. Living from the commitment to your purpose will build interconnectedness, which is a key to your business success.

Who Can Benefit Most

*Business women who know they "have it" but are not convinced it is “good enough”.                                         
*Business women who are unaware of their strengths and lack clarity.
*Business women who want to build their confidence, leverage their strengths and depth of character to create a rock-solid business.                                                   
*Business women who long for more confidence, self-compassion or the essential (soft) skills to persevere and commit to their business.
*Business women who have a hard time managing their "mind monkeys".