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Betsy Clark

Mindset Chaplain ~ Your Mindset Matters! Transformation Partner

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Coaching Philosophy

Do you ever feel like an Imposter? Have you ever questioned if your services or programs are of value? Or if you are “good enough”? Does comparison cause you to play a smaller game? Has self-doubt caused you to dismiss your purpose or calling? These endless mind loops of disempowering thoughts can hold you back in business. That is why your mindset matters! My passion is to help you own your unique brilliance, based on what is right with you! You have unique talents and strengths that distinguish you in your business. Because we are all so subjective, it is easy to dismiss your strengths and superpowers. Our understanding of ourselves and how we think impacts every aspect of our lives. The investment in developing your skills, knowledge, and utilizing best practices through the lens of your strengths is a game changer! It will amplify your power, heighten your engagement, productivity, satisfaction and well-being. This clarity builds confidence and momentum. Living from your commitment to your strengths, values, and purpose.These are the keys to living a fulfilling life and building the business you intend.

Who Can Benefit Most

  • Business women who want to have a leadership mindset. To be a leader worth following!

  • Businesswomen who are unaware of their strengths, which causes them to lack clarity.

  • Businesswomen who want to make better decisions effortlessly. They want to love their decisions and stop second-guessing themselves.

  • Businesswomen who are too hard on themselves and can't quite quiet the "mind monkeys." Comparison, the "thief of joy", causes them to stay stuck.

  • Businesswomen who want to find their voice and communicate their unique message clearly.

  • Businesswomen who are confident yet yearn to be bolder and more courageous.