Over the past 18 years I’ve been asked by many people how have I been able to generate millions of dollars in sponsorship revenue for my company, eWomenNetwork, especially during the early years when no one knew us and corporate spending was (and continues today) to be tight.

When I analyzed what I was doing, I realized that my approach was different from everybody else. In fact, I was unconscious to how systematically I approached my interactions with new prospects. I had created my own unique formula which is now based on 18 years of proven multimillion-dollar relationship (sales) success.

What’s really fantastic about my formula is that it’s amazing for speakers, coaches, consultants, marketeers, PR pros, and entrepreneurs who have services and products to offer. The framework of my relationship (sales) formula is adaptable for anyone selling anything. Once you learn and continuously use my formula in your written and spoken communication, you will be astounded by the positive results and new revenue my formula can generate for you. 


Here it is—My Formula

I am willing to offer you my actual relationship formula. Notice I said, “relationship” in place of the word “sales.” Make no mistake about it. It is sales ... but it’s grounded in mindfulness, authenticity and honesty. My engaging, highly—targeted approach aligns your offer perfectly with your prospect. 

I discovered a way to get prospects really excited to call you back and discuss what you have to offer. Absolutely, NO gimmicks, lies, or trickery. In fact, they will be impressed with you and your approach. If you are selling anything and you want your sales to take-off, download my phenomenal sales formula. My formula has generated millions of dollars in revenue for my business,, and it can do the same for you. 

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