The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

It’s easier to overcome challenges and accelerate your success when you have the support of experts you respect. Set-up your 2022 with exciting new ideas, perspectives and validation for your business!

Join Kym, Sandra, Briana and Stedman Graham for an exclusive, unforgettable mastermind experience, at Kym and Sandra’s home in Plano, TX


We will guide and strategize with you as we share our best ideas and insights to help your business grow. 

You will:

  • Share your grand vision, your successes, and your challenges.

  • Get instant, high-value 360-degree feedback from the experts.

  • Get new ideas and insights.

  • Get clarity on your next best decisions and next steps.

  • Have the ability to collaborate and synergize with the experts and other participants.

  • Improve your business by thinking BIGGER.

  • Find your competitive edge and point of differentiation from your competition.

  • Identify new opportunities to grow your relationships and revenue.

  • Identify opportunities and obstacles currently in your blind spot.

  • Accelerate your plans to focus on things that move the dial and make the cash register ring.

  • Cherish the great food, great friends, great access, and a great time!

Never underestimate the power
of the economic and psychological advantage of aligning with people who want to help you with knowledge and skills significantly more than you currently possess.

What past participants are saying:

Mastermind Immersive Tuition: $22,000

Special PLATINUM Members Mastermind Immersive Tuition: $14,997 - SOLD OUT

Two Payment plan: $8,500 now, $8,500 Dec 1, 2021

Tuition includes: Friday night Welcome Reception with sumptuous gourmet hors d’oeuvres, Saturday & Sunday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and libations.

I agree to be responsible for full payment of the entire investment of the Program, regardless of whether I have chosen to pay by one payment or payment plan. I understand that 100% of the total agreed-upon investment is non-refundable. No refunds will be issued and all monthly payments must be paid on a timely basis. (BY SIGNING THIS SALES FORM, PURCHASER AGREES TO ABIDE BY THE TERMS SET ABOVE).