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Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines for eWomenNetwork Blog

Do you enjoy sharing your enthusiasm for business, and personal development with other women entrepreneurs? Do you have a knack for writing original, engaging content? We’d love to hear from you!

What We’re Looking For:

  • Personal Development, Business Development and entrepreneur-related topics

  • Innovative digital marketing strategies

  • Entrepreneurial news, changes, and happenings

Follow these guidelines to improve your chances of being published on the eWomenNetwork Blog:

  • Review other blogs to get a feel for the eWomenNetwork voice and tone . We look for posts that share a similar tone of conversational professionalism.

  • Write for our audience . The eWomenNetwork blog reader is predominantly an entrepreneurial woman seeking inspiration, guidance, or strategies to expand her business.  We aim to publish the work of writers who are also entrepreneurs or have valuable insight that will help grow our readers businesses.

  • Aim for 700-1,000 easily readable words . Posts are easier to read if you write in short, to-the-point sentences and paragraphs. If you can, break information into bullets or subheadings. This makes your post more scannable for everyone, whether your article is read on a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. The information itself needs to be detailed and well-researched.

  • Focus on being useful . We like to share practical, helpful information. How can you turn your suggestions or advice into action items for the reader? Can you give even more details that will help the reader implement what you’ve suggested?

  • Include a two-sentence bio at the end . Include a few tidbits of info about yourself, especially why you’re an expert on whatever topic you wrote about. You can also add a single link to your website, if you’d like.

  • External links policy:  Please keep external links within the article to reliable, information resources only, not promoting products that do not belong to the eWomenNetwork audience. If you would like to add product or reference article links to your article, we encourage you to leverage products from and if you need assistance choosing links related to your topic, please contact us for input. If you submit an article with external links to promote non-eWomenNetwork products or websites, we will not publish articles free of charge. Paid promotion to external links varies in price starting at $200.

  • Submit your post as a Microsoft doc via email to This is how we prefer to receive submissions and edit posts. Make sure the doc is editable so that we can make necessary edits and be sure to include a headshot of yourself with your article submission. If approved, we will post the picture of you and your article on our website. Do not send us a topic list for consideration, we are looking for completed articles. Once accepted, we reserve the right to edit the article as necessary.

Keep in mind that eWomenNetwork owns all published posts. We ask that you don’t republish elsewhere. You can always run an excerpt, then link to the full post on eWomenNetwork.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!