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          Our Members are the Heart of Our Organization

          Through the philosophy of abundance, we consciously and intentionally look for ways to share information, leads, contacts, and business. Yes, eWomenNetwork represents a heart-centered approach which honors how women connect, collaborate and create with each other. Our philosophy is "give first, share always" and this approach is the core of our membership culture. 





          It takes teamwork to make the dream work and none of us makes it alone.

          It’s our honor and privilege to welcome you into the eWomenNetwork culture and help you achieve your greatest goals. We are a networking association, a networking group for women and for those who call themselves entrepreneurs ... we are an entrepreneur network!  Which ever peaks your interest, we are all about helping women business owners achieve great success. We also provide success strategies from our premier success coaches.

          "Give first, share always!"

          ~ Sandra Yancey, CEO of eWomenNetwork

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          • We produce the #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference & Business expo of its kind in North America annually.

          • The eWomenNetwork Foundation, a 501(c) 3, has awarded cash grants to 108 deserving non-profits and scholarships to 161 emerging female leaders of tomorrow.

          • CNN recognized the eWomenNetwork Foundation as an American Hero because of our philanthropic outreach to women, children and girls in need.

          • We are leading the charge to help one million fulfilled women achieve one million dollars in annual revenue. We have the networking system in place to make this a reality. 

          We want you to know this—nothing is more important to us than seeing women entrepreneurs SOAR. Everything we do is specifically designed to accelerate your financial success and create inner peace, joy and fulfillment.  

          If you’re not already, please accept our invitation to become a member of eWomenNetwork. We can’t wait to welcome you into our culture. 

          Give without remembering and take without forgetting