The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

How does the Accountability Success Program (ASP) Work?

What is the Accountability Success Program?

  • The ASP is a goal achievement program that is driven by monthly accountability sessions led by an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach.

  • There are no more than five participants in a group.

  • The Coach leading the group holds each member of the group accountable to themselves and to others in the group who are inspired by each other’s actions.

  • The ASP is a 6 month program that runs from January to June, 2018.

  • There are three ASP tiers from which you choose: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Payment plans for the Silver and Gold tiers are available.

What are the Accountability Success Sessions like?

  • Each ASP session is approximately one hour with each participant receiving about 10 minutes of focused accountability attention.

  • Share your goals with the group and your strategy plan for achieving your goals.

  • The coach will help you fine-tune your strategy or provide guidance.

Why choose the Silver or Gold Tier?

  • The Silver Tier includes two, one-on-one 60-minute laser coaching sessions between you and an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach who has been specifically paired with you based on your needs/challenges and her expertise.
  • The Gold Tier includes six, one-on-one 60-minute laser coaching sessions between you and an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach who has been specifically paired with you based on your needs/challenges and her expertise. 

What happens after I sign up?

  • You will receive an email with a link to a survey that will help us match you with the best Premier Success Coach for your needs.

  • After you complete your survey, your eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach will schedule a welcome/kick-off call with you and schedule your monthly Accountability Success Sessions from January – June 2018.

  • You will be a part of a team of up to 5 participants in your accountability group. 

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Kym Yancey, President of eWomenNetwork, explains the significance of the ASP program.



Aime Hutton
Calgary, AB Canada

My ASP Accountability Coach helped me break down my goals into smaller chunks, so the goal didn't look as huge. She also helped me brainstorm on who I could approach for one of my goals. When I accomplished all of the goals I set out to do, I couldn’t help but do the happy dance!

Christine Rothdeutsch
New Jersey, NJ

My coach helped me to see that I actually did accomplish some goals even though they didn't manifest in the way I had intended. She also gave me insight in ways that I have never thought of but that are very much needed in growing a business.

Sylvia Henderson
Maryland, MD

I loved the accountability! It was great connecting with people at my level (or above) of business experience and the seriousness of feeding into each other. My coach gave me different perspectives on some of my actions and plans, and asked questions that enabled me to consider details I had not considered

Julia Sutton
Vancouver, BC Canada

My coach was able to ping suggestions back to me and listen to my ideas grow. These influenced the amazing transformation of my original goal of one children’s book into a goal of a series of books that can serve as a platform to raise awareness and acceptance of childhood mental illness. The Facebook group was a brilliant addition. This allowed our team to celebrate and inspire each other. It was another reason to keep going through fears and difficulties. Hearing the others share their triumphs made me feel like mine was right around the corner.