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PLATINUM Summit 2024

Mar 12, 2024 @ 1:30 PM

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Mar 12, 2024

PLATINUM Summit 2024

2024 PLATINUM Summit Registration

Our exclusive annual Summit is designed to foster deep interaction and engagement among all the PLATINUM Members as well as provide up-close personal training and interaction with our CEO, Sandra Yancey, and her esteemed guests.

PLATINUM event schedule:

Tuesday, March 12                   (1:30 PM - 6 PM)

Wednesday, March 13              (9 AM - 6 PM)

Thursday, March 14                  (9 AM - 5 PM)

Location: Newport Beach, CA

PLATINUM Summit registration is open now and expires on September 11, 2023.

The registration fee is $777 and covers the hospitality, participation, and associated production/coordination costs. Includes gourmet meal functions for breakfast, luncheons, and sumptuous snack breaks.

Note: You will receive during the month of October a special link to secure your room at our exclusive discounted room block rate.

For questions contact or call 972.620.9995 Ext. 1000.

Event Details

Mar 20, 2024

2024 Women's Success Summit: AI in Heels: The Future of Entrepreneurship for Women
You’re invited to the 15th Annual Women’s Success Summit featuring Briana Dai, Creative Director, Co-Producer Celebrity Science. Unlock the secrets to success and innovation as we explore "AI in Heels: The Future of Entrepreneurship for Women." Join us for an inspiring journey into the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on female entrepreneurs. In this captivating keynote, we'll delve into real-world applications of AI, highlighting how it's reshaping industries and opening doors for women in business like never before. Discover how AI can amplify your creativity, productivity, and business acumen, while addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by female entrepreneurs. Be prepared to leave with actionable insights, newfound confidence, and a roadmap for leveraging AI to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

 Key Takeaways:

- Learn how AI is revolutionizing industries and creating new avenues for female entrepreneurs.

- Gain practical strategies for harnessing AI to enhance productivity and innovation.

- Build a personalized roadmap for integrating AI into your entrepreneurial journey.

- Connect with a supportive network of like-minded women entrepreneurs and AI enthusiasts.



Event Details