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Mirror, Mirror: The Self-Image Advantage in Business & in Life

May 1, 2024 @ 11:30 AM

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May 1, 2024

Mirror, Mirror: The Self-Image Advantage in Business & in Life

People will tell you the reason women aren’t succeeding as we should is because the playing field isn’t level, but believe it or not, that's not the biggest factor. 

The real reason is that most female entrepreneurs are suffering from a confidence crisis. Confidence is directly correlated with success and whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s impacting your bottom line.

Our confidence is determined by how we see ourselves-- our self-image-- and this talk will teach you how to transform your self-image and ignite your success in business & in life.

Your takeaways will be:

1. There is a proven, learnable system of self-image transformation.

2. The 3 unexpected steps you need to take to transform your self-image to boost your bottom line.

3. How to create your self-image roadmap to boost your bottom line.

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May 23, 2024

Strategic In-Person Business Introductions

We want to learn about you and your business—Please join us!

Here's your exclusive invitation to participate in an extraordinary IN-PERSON business mastermind where we get the opportunity to learn about you, your products and services and the ways we can help you. At this IN-PERSON event youll make outstanding connections, gain a wealth of new ideas and get access to needed resources. This is an intimate group of up to 12 dynamic entrepreneurs.

  • Meet potential new clients

  • Share what your business offers

  • Discover needed resources

  • Obtain help and guidance for your business

During this event you’ll be a part of our unique mastermind “Wisdom Circle" process. Your needs are front and center with all attention on what is important to the success of your business. You gain the collective insights from the group. 

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Jun 5, 2024

Accelerated In-Person Networking

What is Coaching? Coaching is a jointly designed partnership that support you and forwards your actions toward the achievement of your goals and visions in your business, career, or personal life. 

We are proud to Present our Colorado Premier Success Coach Panel.

Join 5 of our eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coaches and learn about their area of expertise in this dynamic interactive question and answerer session.

Betsy Clark – Transformation Coach

Stephanie Shivar - Executive Coach and Scalability Expert

Julie Miller Davis - Task Management, Calendar Control, Goal Management

Hally Brooke - Your Health to Wealth Coach

Dr. Kelly Schuh - Women's Worth Alchemist, Wealth Strategist, High Ticket Sales Coach


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Jul 10, 2024

"Be So Visible You Can't Be Ignored" with your Social Media

Are you having trouble loving social media and dread the idea of building relationships in this vast sea of sameness? You are not alone and I am here to facilitate a change of heart. It’s not just about knowing what to say on social media and when to do it, it’s about creating consistent visibility, speaking from your heart, and sharing what makes you and your business unique. Building relationships through social media and understanding how to and be social to grow social is a fresh concept worth understanding. Whether you have a full-time biz or part-time side hustle I have been exactly where you are and my experience and marketing background have given me the tools to show you how to sizzle and shine in your authentic way.

Social media absolutely must be one of the cornerstones to your marketing plan and utilizing this space in a way that connects with your heart and communicates who you are and how you serve your audience is by having a consistent plan. So let’s stop the quick swipe past your profile and page and create the magic behind your social image so you will “Be So Visible You Can’t Be Ignored!” 

As the Founder of Side Hustle Expert™, I have created a success formula you can use to build relationships with your target audience in 1-2 hours a week and the hidden traps to avoid when using social media as one of your marketing tools.

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Aug 7, 2024

Conference 2024

Inspired • Stimulated • Learning

Here's a sampling of what's in store for you

Digital Marketing Magic—Insider Tips, Secrets and Strategies 

  • Most effective ways to grow your personal brand using LINKEDIN

  • Learn how to tap into the analytics and use Page Insights to your maximum advantage

  • What You Need to Know about the Facebook Algorithm & Your FB Page

  • Page Likes: Fans of Your Page & Posting to Your Page 

  • When & Why You Should Boost a Post

  • How much should you be spending with Social/Digital Media and how to optimize your advertising budget

  • What are the KPIs to Look for with Ads

  • FB Pixels and Custom Audiences for Remarketing

  • Best practices for Social/digital Media engagement and effectiveness

Reimagining your life and business!

  • Gain the confidence to go "BIG" and break through what is holding you back.

  • Discover how to turn your ideas and/or book(s) into highly profitable courses 

  • Master your mind and reach new levels of amazing!

  • Marry your purpose and meaning with your actions-learn to free yourself from debilitating expectations.

  • Learn how to create a “simple” Master Success Plan for your business. No need to over-complicate things.

  • Discover how to transform your hot idea into a fundable, dynamic blueprint that takes off like a rocket.

Accelerated Growth Breakthroughs

  • Success Tips & Tricks: Experts share how they are growing their businesses at double the pace of others and how you can, too!

  • How to get from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Raise your expert profile and quickly attract more clients.

  • Create value-added marketing that leverages your image and "appeal" to clients

  • Discover how the big email lists-builders are growing their contact lists.

The New Rules of Business Engagement

  • Creating Celebrity: Discover how to convert your skills and talents into a dynamic celebrity brand

  • Learn proven collaboration models that allow you to increase your cash flow and enjoy more of your life.

  • Learn why today, more than any other time, connecting with your audience heart-to-heart is the smartest move.

  • Understand why you want to focus on Happiness-your customers want it!

  • Simple, Proven and Effective Sales and Marketing Concepts that Work

How to sell today using social media ads

  • How to test everything to determine what is a good use of your ad dollars

  • High impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging great profits.

  • Communicate your message in a way that attracts prospects to you like a magnet.

  • How to increase your sales conversion and close a greater percentage of new customers.

  • Uncover what motivates people to buy NOW and make a purchase decision on the spot.

  • Discover how to package your expertise so you can earn a dynamic income!

  • Create video marketing that accelerates the buying time of your customers and drives business back to you.

This Conference will inspire you!

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Aug 21, 2024

Accelerated In-Person Networking

Experience the excitement and power of Accelerated In-Person Networking, a unique eWomenNetwork process that assures you have an opportunity to:


  • Promote who you are and what you do;
  • Ask for what you specifically need from others;
  • Develop new business alliances and friends; and
  • Learn new ideas and strategies for promoting your business and generating more revenue

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