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Johnell McCauley*

Director, Member Experience & Managing Director Success
Phone: (972) 620-9995

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#1 Resource for Women Entrepreneurs in Akron and Canton, Ohio!  Meetup, Network and Grow your business and make money!

Welcome to our community of women helping women.

We are recognized as the premier women's business network in North America dedicated to helping you achieve, succeed and prosper in both business and in life.
We can help you:
  1. Acquire more clients and customers
  2. Market and promote who you are and what you have to offer
  3. Gain Access to important resources, influential business leaders, game-changing ideas and unique opportunities
This chapter is currently considering Managing Director candidates.

If you or someone you know has a business that is dependent on networking, referrals and creating personal relationships, then taking advantage of the opportunity to be the new chapter Managing Director for this city could be the "smartest" move you ever make.

Check out the Managing Director page and apply!

Do you have a referral for this position? We pay a $200 referral fee if your referral is selected!  Send referral to johnellmccauley (@)!
Johnell McCauley*
Director, Member Experience & Managing Director Success
Akron/Canton, eWomenNetwork