Vivian Cobb

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Speaker Description

Vivian Cobb is a keynote speaker and consultant who helps women in their mid-life and beyond discover their financial confidence.

Vivian suffered significant personal losses in the Fall of 2011. Her husband died in 3 and a half weeks after diagnosis to death of colon cancer.

In that three weeks, she found out that her once multi-millionaire husband had lost everything; there were only 5 thousand dollars in the bank, and the house was in foreclosure. She could not tell him what she knew, and he could not tell her the truth before he died. 

In 11 years, she has rebuilt her financially devastated life, gaining valuable insights that have enabled her to experience financial freedom.

Her mission is to guide her audiences and clients to uncover their emotional relationship with money, which can be a clue to them making illogical and unhealthy financial decisions. As a Women’s Financial Confidence Advocate, Vivian helps women have the hard conversations that will lead to a healthy financial future and prevent them from suffering the same fate as hers. 

Vivian brings all her knowledge, storytelling talent, and vibrant personality to the stage as an international keynote and breakout speaker. Vivian is a 2x TEDx speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and an author. 

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