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Susan's ability to help women entrepreneurs see themselves as revenue generating machines is uncanny.  She takes the fear and the mystery out of having conversations that will convert a prospect into a client.  Susan’s years of experience in corporate sales and then through owning a sales research company, make her uniquely qualified to help you develop the strategy and skills to create clients like crazy!!


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Speaking Fees: Negotiated/Free for Women's Networking Organizations

Sales & Marketing

Before your ideal prospect can say Yes to doing business with you, there are three questions they need to have answered

1. Why do I need what you are offering?

2. What's different about what you offer?

3. Why do I need it NOW?

Knowing how to connect with your potential customers at a level that will help them answer those questions is a true skill.  During this interactive workshop you will have an opportunity to take your sales conversations to the next level! Susan will give tips on how to implement a new conversation approach and then coach live on how you personally can Get to Yes Faster!


How to create authentic connections with your potential customers so they understand EXACTLY what value you can bring to them and want to become your client.

Sales & Marketing

How do you react when a potential customer puts up a roadblock, aka objection? 

Do you have the right response? 

Do you walk away? 

Learning to overcome any objection is a key component of growing your business. Join Susan as she helps you discover the psychology of objections and learn a proven methodology to help you overcome them every time.


1. Why potential customers raise objections

2. A proven methodology to overcome objections and create a sale.


Knowing how to cut through the noise and earn the privilege to have a sales conversation with a potential customer is more important today than ever.  Your prospects are presented with hundreds of marketing and sales messages on a weekly basis.  How can you make certain that your message is the one that makes them sit up and take notice?

Join Susan as she teaches you How To Be Interesting.  A proven methodology to create any message, conversation or marketing content in a way that will drive interest and curiosity from your audience.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:
 - Knowing what is important to your prospect

 - Create an irresistible offer

 - Make it easy for them to buy

Sales & Marketing

Even the most experienced entrepreneur knows that every sales conversation won't end with a yes. But the MOST successful ones know how to nurture a relationship so that even when "no" is the first response, they will eventually win over that person and have them become their best customer.

Join Susan in an interactive session where she will teach you her formula to make compelling offers that results in LOTS of Yeses and a plan to nurture those that need a little more influencing before they can come to the right conclusion.

Key Takeaways

3 Step Formula for Making Compelling Offers
Recognizing why someone says no and what to do about it

Learning how to continue to add value and nurture relationships until they say yes

Do you remember the makeovers that Oprah did on her show?  The one where someone walked in looking like a 1980's reject and left drop-dead gorgeous??  Well.... think about your sales strategy as it relates to where your business is headed today.  Do you have the right vision in place?  Do you need to tweak things a little here or there to reinvigorate your revenue?
No business was built to remain the same year-after-year.  There are always places that can be fine-tuned and freshened up.  Susan will lead you through 3 key areas to make sure you are staying relevant and forward-thinking.  That's the best way to guarantee your ultimate success!!

Key Takeaways

 - Things change, and so do your ideal clients.  Learn a 5-minute process that can fine tune who you are speaking to and what they want to hear

 -Spit-shine your offers so they match what is needed in the market and reflect the value you deliver to your clients

 - Freshen up your sales conversations so you connect on a deeper, more authentic level to generate more sales.

This is a fast-paced, actionable workshop that leads the participants through helping their ideal client make a buying decision that includes their product or program.

Susan will step you through what is going on in your ideal client's mind during a sales conversation and how to make sure you don't get caught off-guard at the end of the conversation with a "no thanks" or "not now".  HUGE surprises for you in this session.  You will never look at a selling conversation the same way again!

No multi-tasking during this event.  You will be taking notes and applying it to your own business right on the spot.  Walk away equipped to influence in a whole new way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Finally knowing what the LAST thing on your ideal client's mind during a sales call.  You will be shocked!

  2. Decision Dynamics - a proven process that moves the buyer from Hello to I'm Sold!

  3. A resource that will help you win over your ideal clients with authenticity and trust

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