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Stephanie Chung

Sales Mentor
Business Coach
Leadership Advisor
Phone: (469) 802-9376

Travels From: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Speaker Description:

Award-winning and internationally recognized Executive Coach, Sales Mentor and Business Advisor, Stephanie Chung specializes in elite-level executive coaching and high-ticket sales training services. Backed by more than 30 years of leading industry experience including Team Management, Business Development and Sales Leadership, Stephanie counsels her clients on proven tactics and strategies that greatly increases effectiveness and substantially accelerates performance. Stephanie has been credited for coaching and developing some of the nations most elite sales professionals, and routinely collaborates with notable companies to coach and train sales teams on high-ticket selling. As an authority on all things sales, sales results and sales behavior, Stephanie is regularly sought-after as a Speaker or Contributor for multiple platforms and media. Based in Dallas, Texas Stephanie's exclusive services span nationwide with the idea that she can help her clients work smarter, not harder.

Speaking Fees: Call me so I can better understand your needs and we can agree on a fee.

Communication Skills

Explore your communication style and reach your full potential by developing certain skills that will allow you to become a more effective communicator. Communication is everything!

Key Takeaways

Be a powerhouse communicator

Tailor your communication to be well received

Communicate confidently

Learn how to be an effective, powerful, confident, communicator

Sales Management

Explore your behavior style and reach your full sales leadership potential by developing certain communication skills that will increase your sales teams effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

Produce an abundance of high performers

Crush your quota - always!

Learn how to create a dynamic team

Sales Training

It's not about the price! Explore your behavior style and reach your full selling potential by developing certain skills that will allow you to close more deals and bigger deals - faster!

Key Takeaways

Understand how to effectively communicate with high net worth individuals

Master the art of selling expensive products or services

Learn how to sell high ticket items with confidence

Build your sales confidence! Reach your full selling potential by developing these certain skills that will increase your sales effectiveness and remove your sales anxiety.

Key Takeaways

Gain sales confidence and remove sales anxiety by learning these simple sales tips

Understand the psychology of sales

Learn the basic sales structure

Have the buyers close themselves


Discover your emotional intelligence (EQ) and learn how to effectively apply the power of emotions to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Key Takeaways

Learn how to greatly improve your leadership, communication skills and business relationships

Develop the ability to inspire

Master the art of active listening

Effectively communicate with your team


Explore your selling style and reach your full selling potential by developing certain skills that will allow you to hit your quota every time all the time.

Key Takeaways

Consistently crush your quota

Be at the TOP of the sales board

Remove sales anxiety

Learn how to sell more & make more

Be sales confident

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching—the ability to grow and develop others—is the most sought after leadership skill. This ability is the foundation for strengthening an organization. As the old style of “command and control” fades from the workplace, it is being replaced by collaborative working styles. Learn how to become the leader who capable of developing leadership in others.

Key Takeaways

Foster an employee culture with a "can do" attitude

Create an engaged workforce

Learn how to develop leadership skills in others

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