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Shevelle is a Top Rated National Trial Attorney, a Business and Legal Strategist, an Award Winning International Speaker and the number one Best Selling Author of Soar! Beyond the Heels of Adversity. Shevelle supports entrepreneurs in creating businesses that are not just profitable, but are also legally protected so they can earn the income they desire and have the peace of mind they deserve.  She is also a certified marketer and helps entrepreneurs automate and systematize their businesses so they can properly scale. Shevelle trains entrepreneurs how to use a combination of effective legal, business and marketing strategies so they can reach their ultimate earning potential.

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Learn 3 simple legal strategies that will increase your profits, grow your business and protect your assets so you can avoid the common legal pitfalls and business mistakes that most entrepreneurs make that ultimately cost them not only loss of profits but loss of their business.

Key Takeaways

Learn how to attract higher caliber clients, get paid with ease, protect your  assets,  safeguard your coaching and consulting programs and  protect your intellectual property.

Learn how to have sales conversations that cause your ideal prospect to ask to work with you! When you learn the  3 steps to conversations that convert,  you will never sale again.  You will learn how to  attract countless clients with ease.

Key Takeaways

You will learn the art of conducting  effective sales conversation, the psychology of sales and the method of converting countless clients with ease.

Marketing is the engine behind every business.  No business can survive without an effective marketing system.  Learn 3 automated marketing strategies that will put your business on auto-pilot so you can have  effortless leads, an effective sales funnel and consistent cash flow.


You will learn how to set up a simple effective marketing system, 3 basic automation systems every business must have and how to generate consistent leads.

The entrepreneurial life (and life in general) can be extremely challenging. Shevelle knows first hand how to turn tragedy into triumph.  Shevelle came from an inner city, became a teenage mom and when faced with few choices in life she persevered and became a top National Trial Lawyer, a Business & Legal Strategist, an  International Speaker, a #1 Best Selling Author and a Philanthropist.  She will share with you her 8 step "S.O.A.R." blueprint so you too can turn your obstacles into opportunities and begin living the life you deserve and have the career or business you desire.


You will learn the 8 character traits that you must simply  IGNITE to soar beyond your adversities in life and business.

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