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Sharon Ballantine

Premier Parenting Coach
Founder of Ballantine Parenting Institute
Author of the book, "The Art of Blissful Parenting."
Phone: (206) 947-5863

Travels From: Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Speaker Description:

Sharon Ballantine is a Parenting Coach and founder of The Ballantine Parenting Institute, her online course for parents. Sharon has successfully raised three children and is the author of the book, The Art of Blissful Parenting - “Teaching Your Children How to Follow Their Internal Guidance.”

Past work includes writing her own column for, “Parenting on Purpose,” helping parents have a more easeful relationship with their kids.

Sharon hosted her own weekly Internet TV Show with Conscious Evolution Media Network- The Sharon Ballantine TV Show. Her show featured a conversation with passionate spiritually minded guests.

Sharon has been a guest speaker on many radio stations including Blog Talk Radio, Chat with Women, Hay House Radio and Conscious Evolution Media in Denver. She was recently a Speaker at the eWomen pre-conference in Dallas.



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Admittedly, most of us face challenges raising our teens. It can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility-- and parents can become overwhelmed and frustrated.

I found in my own parenting experience, and also in my practice as a Parent Coach-- that although each of our teens are different people, there is at least one universal truth with all teens. The teen years are the years of self-discovery, and it is our job to guide and inspire our teens to finding their-own best, happy self.

Author Esther Hicks, puts it best when she says, “When your children are at their happiest, is the time to affirm who you know them to be.”

Living Happy with your teen is a moment to moment, day-to-day endeavor and not for the faint of heart. I’m just kidding. Living Happy with your teen is about maintaining your sense of humor when you’re in the throes of what may feel like terrible times.  I want to remind you of something I know for sure from my own experience-- “This too shall pass.”


But until it does pass- Have you noticed that just about every subject can turn into a potential argument with your teen?...

Whether you’re asking a question about school, one of their friends, or simply just wanting to know about their day?

It’s as though, you say something seemingly innocent and they react defensively. Their reaction may turn into an immediate argument, sudden rolling of their eyes at you, or a big heavy sigh!  Other times it’s the silent treatment. If their hormones are surging that day, they may even respond by stomping out of the room and slamming the door.

If you are facing any of these types of issues with your teen, sit back and take a deep breath, as I walk you through 10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen. Hi, I'm Sharon Ballantine, founder of the Ballantine Parenting Institute and author of the book, “The Art of Blissful Parenting- Teaching your children how to follow their internal guidance.”

Now, before I give you those tips, let’s start with YOU and your intention.  Let me explain. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the definition of intention is “A thing intended; an aim or plan.” And Webster Dictionaries puts it this way--- “The thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose.” With that in mind, I want you to be thinking about your intention with your teen. 

Key Takeaways

1) You will have a new perspective regarding your relationship with your teen.

2) You will be able to deliberately create your day to day experience with your teen.

3)Understanding your teen better will become easier.


If you’re a parent with one or more young children, then you know first-hand that raising kids is not for the faint of heart! The day-to-day issues you face-- can range anywhere from whom your child chooses as friends, what they do or don’t like eating, and even whether or not they’ll clean their room  But it doesn’t stop there—add to that the tougher issues of tantrums, drama and even bullies at school and it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when raising kids.

Ultimately--- my goal is to help you help your child know themselves better and learn to be happy with who they are, while helping you achieve happiness in your home through this time of parenting.

Parenting children can be a full-time job filled with joy --and at times, a certain amount of frustration.  I’m going to walk you through some Do’s and Don’ts that will help guide you through this transformative time in parenting. You will also receive some great quick-tip solutions that you can implement immediately-- to help increase the happiness quotient for you-- and your family.  

Whether you know it or not, your children are always watching you and feeling you—by this I mean feeling the impact of your mood. They’re even paying attention to you when they’re not aware they’re doing it! This is why it’s so important to make your happiness a priority- so you can inspire your children in theirs.



  1. Questions to ask your child to help them choose their friends.

  2. What it means for you as the parent to be happy and why it's so important in good parenting.

  3. How to inspire your child in their happiness.

  4. How to support your child in their eating habits, homework and keeping their rooms clean.


Teaching kids how to make their best choices can be a challenge for parents. Learning how to first tap into one's own internal guidance will effectively help parents better teach their children how to use theirs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Learning how intention plays a part in using your internal guidance.

  2. Discover how alignment is key in making your best choices.

  3. Learn how tapping into your internal guidance helps in every subject of your life.

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