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Patrick Allmond

Digital Marketing Expert
Founder of Focus Digital Marketing Agency
ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV Contributor
Phone: 405 217 4752
Phone: 405 217 4752

Travels From: Oklahoma City, OK Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Speaker Description:

I change average companies into stand out companies in their industry. Stand out companies have little competition. High Content Speaker Patrick Allmond is an in-demand social media leader, trainer and frequent consultant for NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates. He has been running his business Focus Digital Marketing for almost two decades. He is a recognized leader in the online marketing industry who is called upon to show businesses how to make the best use of the full suite of online marketing tools. Rather than talk in abstract theories, he rolls up his sleeves and shows you exactly what you need to be doing in your business and in your life to grow and prosper. Forget "old media" and "new media." What you learn from Patrick will apply across the ages, allowing you to grow "Your Media Empire" and a raving fan base that will love your products and services.

Keywords: Media resource, social media speaker, business speaker, marketing keynote speaker

Speaking Fees: Your investment varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event etc… Depending on my schedule or the timing of your event I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee.

Networking Online Marketing

Most business that use online marketing are doing so in a haphazard manner that is not reaching nearly enough people or bringing in the leads needed to grow their business. Patrick Allmond from Focus is a technology veteran who uses a structures business approach to online marketing that is focused on one thing - turning cold prospects into warm and hot ones. During his presentation you will learn the tools that you can use to accomplish the same thing.

Key Takeaways

Online Marketing without lead generation/nurturing is wasted time Getting online and marketing is crucial You cannot get money from social. You can however generate leads.

Thought Leadership

As an experienced Toastermaster and National Speakers Association member, Patrick often gets asked to help people make the (mentally) challenging transition from speaking for free to being a paid speaker. The program was developed specifically to help shift the mindset of a free speaker to one that gets paid for the wisdom. Great program, and there is a demo video of this at

Key Takeaways

How to market yourself to win as a professional speaker How to change your mindset to win in this game The right materials you need to win in this game

Leadership Skills and Strategy

"Action is the great thing that escapes most people. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. Great actions and few and few between. Which one do you have ?" This presentation will lay the groundwork for you becoming a task & time dominating machine. You will learn how to avoid things that suck the energy and time out of your personal and work day. After you attend this presentation you will learn to alter your beliefs about true productivity. You will leave with a list of quantifiable tasks that you can put in place immediately that will lead you close to your success zone.

Key Takeaways

You need to start controlling every minute of your day You need to remove all noise from your life You need to immediately stop looking for motivation All success comes from action. Today is a new day.

Patrick Allmond

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