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Pat Miller

The Idea Coach
Small Business Marketing
Customer Targeting and Brand Positioning
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Speaker Description:

Pat is the Idea Coach and he specializes in helping Small Business Owners think bigger. The secret to Small Business marketing is an obsession with your target audience to focus your business so you can become the expert & leader in your space. Using these secrets, Pat helps businesses find clear and competitive advantages to Stand Out and Sell. He offers creative business coaching, marketing classes and communities so Small Business can reignite their passion and accomplish their goals. Pat has over 20 years of experience creating strategy and marketing for commercial radio stations. With decades of on-air experience, Pat's polished, comfortable style will connect with your group!  

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Speaking Fees: Negotiable


As a Small Business Owner, it's tough to stay on top of everything you need to do. When it comes to marketing, some entrepreneurs do what feels natural and it ends up as a waste of time with few results.

In this 15-20 minute talk, Pat goes over the 5 things Small Business Owners get wrong with their Marketing: product selection, positioning, audience targeting, how they talk about the product and messaging. 

Be comfortable getting uncomfortable as you reconsider some of your marketing choices to help focus your business and increase your sales.

Key Takeaways

The presentation is simple and straightforward with 5 key takeaways:

  • Select the product line you LOVE and feel called to provide

  • Don't be afraid to differentiate and stand out with your positioning

  • Be courageous in selecting your audience - you're not for everyone

  • Market your product's benefits, not your features

  • Make sure your messaging is solely targeted at your ideal customer, you cannot be "all things to all people"

The talk is upbeat, fun and it flies by inside 15 minutes. In a good room, there is time for questions.

Business Management

Speaking Topic – 9 People Every Small Business Needs to make $1 Million Dollars

You can’t build an empire alone. In this short 20 minute presentation, Pat Miller – the Idea Coach will outline the nine people you need in your business to make it to $1 Million dollars. Fast, informative and fun, this presentation will have you taking notes, making calls and will make sure you understand why it’s so critical to DELEGATE TO ACCELERATE!

Key Takeaways

The presentation is simple and straightforward with 5 key takeaways:

  • The $1M journey will test you, make sure you're not alone

  • Why you can't afford not to hire critical professionals to make sure you're set up correctly

  • You have to delegate to accelerate - what to keep and what to quit

  • The role your friends and family play for your business growth - it's not what you think

  • Your role on the journey and how you need to make sure that YOU are the most important person in your business. Really!

When we're done, the answers will seem obvious. But, time and again, entrepreneurs try to go it alone and wonder why they get stuck. Don't question your constraints, consider the possibilities of surrounding yourself with a team that will help you hit your goals. 


If you're going to make the goal of running a Million Dollar Business, you'll need to follow a path where you are providing and outstanding product - and - a product you LOVE to provide. Many times, entrepreneurs will create a product they can sell instead of a product they love to produce. In this talk, Pat shares his insights of finding your calling and how to build your business around your unique talents. Then, how can you stand out from all of your competition so you HAVE NO COMPETITION. The talk is fun, engaging and it will get your chapter thinking about what they do, how they do it and how they can they can make more of an impact for their customers. 

Key Takeaways

Stop being a general service provider and be unique to your passions. The talk asks and challenges you to answer these questions:What products do you provide and why?
Of all the products, which one is your favorite?
With that in mind, what if you specialized in your passion?
When you work through your passions, what does your ideal customer get from what you do? 
How can you create a list of "What's In It for Me" to make an instant and deep connection with your customers?

All of these questions lead to finding your unique position in the market and leading through your passions. 

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