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LoriAnne Reeves

Sales/Business Strategist & Consultant
Professional Psychotherapist
Speaker & Writer
Phone: (281) 381-9270
Phone: (281) 381-9270

Travels From: Houston, TX,

Speaker Description:

LoriAnne works with her clients to triple their sales to add money to their bank account and profit to their businesses.  She has a unique combination of skills that helps her clients experience a fast breakthrough with experience as a top corporate sales rep, owner of several businesses, master's degree in psychology and  license as a clinical therapist.  Her corporate experience as a systemic organizational consultant helps her clients build a profitable and sustainable business.  She speaks internationally about business, sales and money and how the psychology of each holds individuals and corporations back when not acknowledged.

LoriAnne is the author of two books and the blog - Coffee Shop Lessons.

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Speaking Fees: eWomen Network Chapters are schedule on my speaking tours with the highest priority. There is no fee for chapters as long as I can share with the audience. My speaking fee varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event etc… Depending on my schedule or the timing of your event I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee.

Sales & Marketing

Understand and implement the three core components of Connect, Capture and Close that lead to you being able to have clients/customers want to work with you.  Then take these components and understand how they fit into the sales conversation.  Sales has structure and strategy, rhythm and energy, sales and buyer psychology, numbers and leads and most important - the psychology of you. Go deep and hit on all these components and you will never feel sales is "icky" again.


Coaching and Mentoring

Today there are so many bells and whistles to distract business owners that they are forgetting to build a strong foundation with the three key components of business building and leading as a CEO.

*solve a problem

*clear and compelling message

*sell your products and services

Find out how all three work together to build a solid business that becomes profitable and sustainable while building your Leadership DNA to lead as a CEO in every phase of your business.

Key Takeaways

Leadership Skills and Strategy

Once you build a foundation in your business and reach a financial threshold, its time to use your leadership skills and your leadership voice to grow your team.  Learn the elements of mastering business relationships while building team and how your organizational system talks to you so strategy, change and people are intertwined for future growth.  

LoriAnne Reeves

  • Presented by
    LoriAnne Reeves
  • Presented by
    LoriAnne Reeves