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Kimberly Alexander

Growth Strategist & Program Expert
Founder of the KA Inc Academy
Best Selling Author
Phone: (720) 273-4313
Phone: (720) 273-4313

Travels From: Denver, CO

Speaker Description:

After over 20 years of a flourishing corporate executive career, Kimberly Alexander launched her company as a Growth Strategist and  for Women Entrepreneurs. Kimberly has worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as an expert in leadership and professional development. Kimberly has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth. With a passion to make a difference, Kimberly trains to retreats, individual mentoring and transformational speaking. Her direct, pin pointed approach to learning establishes trust, humor and produces long term results. Kimberly launched her best-selling series in 2014, first with The Results Map: Business and Life Strategies to Get What You Want. In 2015, The Results Map for Women in Biz was launched. Written from her own experiences, Kimberly has guided companies and hundreds of individuals to immediate success with her simple and direct fundamentals.

Keywords: program development, growth, strategy, scaling revenue streams, business growth,

Speaking Fees: My speaking fee varies depending on the audience size, type of program, location, public or private event etc… Depending on my schedule or the timing of your event I find it best to discuss your program needs and then agree to the appropriate fee.


More is never more in business and life. Learn how the right actions will grow your business at warp speed while letting the negotiables go. The Result - learn the right actions to (really) grow your business.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Mirror your tasks to your planned accomplishments

  • Cut unnecessary tasks

  • Get real with your time in your business and life  

Gain clarity around your purpose and the work necessary to understand it, own it, go after it… and get it! The Result: Making the right choices and giving yourself permission in your biz and life to grow to greatness

Key takeaways will include:

  • Own your purpose   

  • Determine what is holding you back and how to let it go  

  • How to make choices and embrace change in order to grow  


You have a great business and powerful message but often wonder if there are other ways to serve. Well…there are! Most Entrepreneurs are sitting on several revenue streams that, with the flip of a switch, can turn them on. Learn the simple steps to take to unlock new opportunities and continue growing the dream you call your biz while serving your audience at a different level 


Key Takeaways

 Key Learning:
-Your Foundational Platform
-Buying decisions your audience makes to work with you
-Increase revenue streams to further grow your biz

Laying the foundation of your biz to fully understand what direction and actions to take to grow the biz you dream of. The Results: Higher results in less time.

Key Takeaways

The most critical elements to focus on Key fundamentals needed to lay the foundation for growth Getting yourself out of the way


Business and Life strategies to build the life you want to live and the business you dream of.

Key Takeaways

How to continue to grow and see double to triple digit growth Key strategies needed to grow How to lay the foundation of your business How to take action How to set boundaries

Leadership Skills and Strategy

Embrace the talent and strength of your crew or team. The ultimate chat about making a difference and empowering through leading. The Result: Growing your people will grow your biz.

Key Takeaways

How growing people will grow your business Why empowering people is so important How to empower people

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