Elisa Ellis

The On Stage Dress Code: 3 Secrets of High Converting Speakers
How to ‘Up Your Style Game’ For More Premium Clients and Paid Opportunities
The Power of Style: 3 Secrets to Dress For Success, Get More Clients & Be Unforgettable & In Demand (Without Blowing Your Budget)



Speaker Description

Elisa Ellis is a wardrobe stylist, speaker, best selling author, and online course creator. For close to a decade, Elisa has been transforming closets and the lives of women everywhere. Her sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers and her clients can’t get enough of her expertise. Elisa isn’t interested in trends – she is incredibly passionate about helping her clients look and feel their very best and works with them to go from frustrated to fabulous by replacing outdated outfits with timeless pieces that can be easily coordinated to wear for any occasion. She believes personal styling is more than a wardrobe haul, it’s a total transformation that introduces you to your inner awesomeness. The person that’s confident, effortlessly stylish, and takes more risks for her dreams.

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