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Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Computer/Honours Business Specialist
Global Speaker

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Charlene is an acclaimed award-winning international speaker and educator, owner of two businesses, author, computer specialist, computer network manager, nutritionist.  She is featured on radio and TV (a 3-part documentary series; to be on CBS Women To Watch show in 2019).

An often forgotten area of stress is the spill-over effect from personal stressors including worry about children or health issues. Through results of research, it has been established stress can reduce business production.   Learn how to avoid personal stressors affecting your success.

Charlene has studied at four universities and one college.  Included are:  Honours BBA, Honours Business Specialist, Computer Science, Network Management, Teacher Education, Nutrition.


Keywords:Internet, computers, cyber, safety, protection, children, parents, parenting, leadership, family, educator, nutrition

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Best Practices

Is there stress in your life?  Of course!!  It can be an unconscious reason why you are not achieving your goals.  A common personal spill-over effect that interferes with business achievement is worry about children, as parent, grandparent, or family member.

In today's world, the most common worry about children is their activity on digital devices. How can I keep children safe digitally and still work?  How much are you aware of this personal spill-over effect?  This is a GLOBAL issue.  The digital safety of children is a huge concern and growing!!   Interviews in several countries have helped define this issue.

Personal stressors affect success. Be aware and avoid the personal spill-over that affects your business.    Learn more...

Key Takeaways

      Awareness of specific personal stressors that could be contributing to a spill-over effect and business success.

      Learn methods.


      Wish you could produce more at work?  Fatigued?  Stressed?  Poor nutrition is a leading cause of decreased productivity worldwide.

      Sound familiar?   Fatigue, decreased mental effectiveness, irritability, reduced ability to think clearly, decreased ability to perform your job effectively, higher levels of stress and depression, and decreased productivity.  Research has shown that poor nutrition is linked to insomnia and sleep apnea.  Both can cause daytime fatigue and lack of cognition.

      Ignite your life and your business!  A healthy body and mind are crucial.  Be more alert and have increased patience.  Feel "even" emotionally.  Learn more about effective ways to fuel your body for increased business success!  



      Key Takeaways

      Learn how to ignite yourself through healthy food choices - 

      1. improve focus,  

      2. improve performance

      3. lessen stress

      Food contributes to health and business. Ignite performance for both!!

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