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Carol L. Stanley

Voice Mastery, Presentation Skills, and EQ Communications Expert Trainer
Professional Speaker and Published Author
Certified, Licensed BANKCODE Communication EQ Trainer
Phone: (253) 951-3879
Phone: (253) 951-3879

Travels From: Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Speaker Description:

Voice and Presentation Skills Trainer Carol Stanley guides entrepreneurs, business owners, church leaders, and aspiring speakers and singers to gain confidence, poise, and command over voice, body, mind, and spirit, based on the science and physiology of voice and presentation. They transform from unsteady, shaky, and fearful to capable, confident, and compelling presenters who make big impact on audiences large and small. These transformed presenters inspire, motivate, lead, and achieve to make the difference they are on the planet to make for the moments that matter the most.

Whether Carol is addressing an intimate group or a standing-room-only crowd, count on International Inspirational Speaker, Carol Stanley, to inspire audience members to embrace excellence and push past their fears to shine brilliantly in service to others. She is a crowd-pleasing, life-changing speaker who adds massive value with every innovative, income increasing strategy she shares.  Clients and audiences rave about the impact Carol delivers in service to their big success.

Keywords: Voice, performance, EQ, trainer, speaking, confidence, sales, singing

Speaking Fees: My speaking fee varies depending on the location. All travel related expenses are also covered by the client. My fee range is between: $1000 and $5000

Peak Performance

During this conversation Carol will increase your effectiveness and sales up 300% and more with the secrets of credibility, speaking prowess, and understanding your audience's influence values and needs.  She will guide you to discovering your own credibility quotient.  You will experience the "sweet spot" of your voice and uncover the secrete communication code of your client or audience in less than 90 seconds, and now in nano seconds with AI, connecting powerfully with them.

Key Takeaways

Learn why communication and credibility are so powerful and important to your business.  

Learn the Sweet Spot Of your Voice, and why it increases your bottom line.

Learn the all important EQ code breaking science and skill of empathy and effective communication for success.

Presentation Skills

Topic is taken from Carol's New Book called "Born to Be Awesome", a guide to presenting with brilliance on stage and camera through the power of God in you.

Finding the "Sweet Spot" of your voice is important to your success in all areas of your business and life.

You only have one broadcast system, your voice which incorporates all of you, body, mind and spirit.

You and your message are the gifts to your audience

Key Takeaways

Finding the “Sweet Spot” of your voice for maximum effectiveness.

Keys to Avoiding Massive Mistakes that Keep You Ineffective and Broke

Secrets to Presenting with Brilliance on Any Stage or Camera.

Career Skills

Communication and empathy, knowing what the other person needs from you, is key to good communication. Businesses that thrive have high EQ training. I specialize in being able to crack the EQ code and understand the person in front of you, whether it be a client or family member.

Key Takeaways

Why EQ training is important to your business. Knowing what your EQ code is. Knowing how to crack the code of your client or family member.

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