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Amber Griffiths

Brand Strategist
Maker of Legends
Phone: (801) 427-6034
Phone: 801.427.6034

Travels From: Salt Lake City, UT

Speaker Description:

Amber Griffiths is a Maker of Legends, and Brand Strategist of Your Brand by Design. She is a bestselling author, international speaker and sought-after Strategist to A-List and soon-to-be A-List players. A bona fied RockStar, Amber is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs to develop a brand that moves them from unknown to unforgettable and establish them as Legend.

 Amber works with individuals who are committed to creating deep, genuine connections with their Ideal Clients and are looking to deliver an unforgettable experience that matters.  They understand that it is by building higher-impact connections in a brand aligned manner that they can increase their profits and dramatically impact lives. They see the importance of being intentional with their marketing with specific attention to their Brand presence and are committed to a vision that matters. 

Amber enjoys everything music related –attending live concerts, impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her daughter, and singing anywhere the acoustics allow.  If you spend more than 20 minutes with her, you will hear at least one movie quote and a handful of “amberisms.”   If you haven’t yet seen Real Genius, Amber highly recommends you do so immediately.  It is totally 80’s, and wonderful, and will help you understand at least 20% more of her sense of humor.  


Keywords: Legend, Brand Equity, Brand Legacy, Brand Strategist, RockStar


You have all this stuff...your logo, font, colors are a part of your foundational and they are fundamental to your Brand. But how you decide what comes next? Are you showing up consistently so that people can connect with you and understand how you are uniquely qualified to serve them?  Are you delivering an experience that isn't just great in the moment, but one that creates an unforgettable experience, one that they'll keep with them for a lifetime? This is the opportunity to create your own Road to Legend...your way!

Key Takeaways


Key takeaways will include:

-  Consistently understand how to develop your Brand that will amplify your Persona and establish your own Brand Equity.

-  Create deeper connections by developing your Brand that delivers an unforgettable experience.

- Leverage your Brand to establish your Legacy!


You must be you.  You must be seen and heard.  To build a profitable business that you LOVE, you get to be seen and heard in a way that establishes you as unforgettable.  How are you showing up as you in all of your Brand Assets?  If you are not able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and more importantly, if your Ideal Clients and Partners are not able to find you in the noise of nearly 20 Billion online cannot become Legend.

Key Takeaways

- Develop your own Legend Persona that will drive your Brand

- Learn how to take your unique genius to 11 as you claim your values and personality

- Clarify the 3 main components of your Persona and how they work together to ensure that your Brand shows up before you do, and follows your audience home after the show.

- Understand the power and profitability of a custom Legend Response System.


A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place Have you collected your Brand or did you create it? If you want to expand your business but you are concerned about training new sales staff, employees, or handing your marketing collateral off to a web developer or printer without a dozen series of proofs, it is time to record your Branding Soundtrack.

Key Takeaways

Create your one-stop resource for everything that is your business, from your mission statement to your email signature to your social media, your Branding Soundtrack will ensure that your Brand is clear, cohesive and converts.

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