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Tamara Herl

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Coaching Philosophy

Do you have the sense that you and your business are capable of more? Have you tried many things to move forward, yet you still find yourself repeating behaviors and thoughts that sabotage your success? In our work together, you will uncover and transform the source of being stuck: your limiting beliefs and behaviors, which I call your Shadow Self. You will engage in powerful hands-on experiences like creating mixed media art images, immersing yourself in nature, and getting connected with your body’s wisdom. Our work together will help you feel more empowered because you’ll have a stronger connection with your own intuition, and with Universal Guidance when you need to find answers. You’ll be able to recognize and work with your Shadow when it shows up, so it will stop holding you back.

Who Can Benefit Most

People who can benefit the most from working with me are businesswomen like you who are ready to: Find the clarity within that you desperately need; Learn about tools you’ve never seen or heard of before, and whose impact will surprise you even after years of inner work; Access the Wisdom within and around you; Engage with your True Self to gain momentum with a business goal or your life purpose; Learn how to address and work with the Shadow Self and limiting beliefs, so that they will stop interrupting you and distracting you from moving forward; Make an investment that will have a deep, lasting impact for your business and your life.

In my 30 years as a teacher, counselor, and coach, I’ve developed tools to help spiritual businesswomen break through the barriers that get in the way of their potential. What sets me apart from other coaches is my ability to weave experiential practices, such as art therapy and forest therapy into your coaching sessions. I am honored to walk beside you on your journey of transformation.