The Premier Success System for Women Entrepreneurs

Tamara Herl

Sacred Balance Life Coach

Coach Donor

Wild Divine Retreat Center

Coaching Philosophy

Is this you? You give and you give, and you end up feeling so depleted at the end of your day that you don’t have time or energy for what used to bring you joy, and you find yourself snapping at the people you love.
Or maybe THIS is you…You know that you and your business are capable of more. You’ve tried SO many things, but no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to break through the invisible ceiling that’s holding you back. Your passion is starting to dwindle and there are times when you think it would be easier to stop trying.
There’s a symmetry and flow to life when you're living in alignment with your values, and if the words above described you, it’s probably because you've somehow gotten off track with the things you hold Sacred. When your work/life balance is off, or if you’re not living your life purpose fully, it’s a sign that something deeper is out of alignment—something within you.
I’ll help you discover where and how you've strayed off the path of your values by tapping into art and nature. You’ll learn how to get rejuvenated, and how to connect with your intuition and Universal Guidance so you can show up in life the way you want to and make the contributions you were put on this earth to make.

Who Can Benefit Most

Businesswomen who:
*Love to give but lately find themselves feeling resentful and angry at times
*Sense that they/their business are capable of more but they’re not sure how to get there
*Feel distressed about the status quo of how things in their life or systems in society are functioning, they want to rebel, but they can’t find the energy to do so
*Aren’t living their values
*Long to reconnect to the adventurous part of themselves that used to love spending time in nature or creating things *Are ready to bring their spirituality more fully into their work and life
* Are willing to BECOME the ONE they’ve been waiting for