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Talmar Anderson

Hiring Strategy and Boss Best Practices to teach you to stop repeating hiring mistakes so you can make more money WITHOUT working harder!

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Boss Actions
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Coaching Philosophy

Are you an overworked business owners ready to learn how to stop making the same hiring mistakes over and over again and finally build a kick ass team so that you can grow your business without running yourself into the ground?

FREEDOM comes from stepping into the Boss role, hiring the best possible people for what YOUR BUSINESS needs and scaling your growth on purpose. The kick ass part comes from leading the team that is great at what they do. Powerful, thought provoking, and with infectious energy, Talmar Anderson knows how to create dramatic shifts in a client's perspective while delivering a step by step process that develops a skill that is "life changing" in the words of Boss Action clients. It does not have to be SOOO hard to hire your best possible team.

There are two major philosophies that Boss Actions is based upon;

    1. A Boss provides the tools. The team builds success.
    2. Protect the team. Expect from the team.

Employees are the KEY to thriving, profitable business. But where do we go to learn to build a team...the RIGHT team. One that is specific to what YOUR company needs for success. What Boss Actions knows is that small business are made up of an ever-changing mixture of employees, independent contractors and vendors that support your business' different needs throughout different stages of growth. Throughout the different scaling cycles, Talmar Anderson helps entrepreneurs create effective hiring strategies and management best practices specific to their own businesses. As Founder of Boss Actions, her mission is to teach business owners that it does not have to be so hard to “Scale On Purpose.”

Through the ground breaking program “Bossification”, Talmar delivers direct answers, Done-for-you documentation and 'how to" processes on what it means to be the boss of your own business. Delivering a repeatable process and community to support the Boss during times of challenge or inexperience is THE solution that business owners have been looking for...but were not able to easily access.

Making the successful shift from overworked business owner to thriving Boss includes learning:

* How to IDENTIFY what your business needs

* How ATTRACT your business best possible people

* How to MATCH candidates that can PROVE they are worthy of the job

* How to MOTIVATE your dream team Learning how to work the step by step process while building your confidence and understanding of leading your team is how you make the shift from overwhelmed business owner to thriving Boss!

Talmar is a recognized authority on installing operational systems, structuring organizations and coaching on best practices while inspiring action to free business owners from having their businesses be completely dependent upon them. She teaches leaders how to hire effectively so that they don’t have to make every decision every second of every day.

Who Can Benefit Most

You will best benefit from coaching with Boss Actions if:

You KNOW you need to fire someone on your team but have been avoiding it!

You keep telling people " I really need to hire a..." but you have not yet.

You are afraid to take on more customers or clients for fear you won't be able to deliver!

You keep hiring for the same position but can not find "good people".

You have sales that are trending up and you want to be proactive.

You are ready to scale your business but have never hired or managed anyone before!

You feel overwhelmed with tasks and just want the answer to make time on your own calendar.

Let's do this together. You will be rocking your Bossitude faster and easier than you ever thought possible!