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Syndee Hendricks

Business Performance Specialist

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Coaching Philosophy

Are you ready to RISE to your next income level -- percentage, 6 or 7 figures?

You feel you are meant for great things?

You can’t see the forest for the trees or are struggling?

Intuitive Laser Coaching using her decades of Business Triage experience is how Syndee successfully coaches business professionals. She uncovers a new vision beyond where you are, and gives you the processes, strategies, and action plans, to get you where you want to go with impressive results! Are you interested in:

  • Increasing profit/sales/customers/products/services?

  • Uncovering hidden money?

  • Systematizing your business or solving management challenges?

  • Gaining recognition or writing your best-selling book?

  • Just getting started?

  • Who Can Benefit Most

  • You want laser coaching that gives you tools to utilize results QUICKLY

  • You want solid ways to increase your profit/income NOW

  • You want to have takeaways NOW to EXPERTLY MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Testimonial:
    “…I had my first MILLION DOLLAR sales month and biggest commission check ever…!” Aisha Harley