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Susan Salter

I Help Women Reach Their Next Level of Success

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Coaching Philosophy

I believe all women can be and do whatever they want.  The biggest challenge we face when making big decisions is getting out of our own heads.  We say to ourself, "i'm not good enough", or "who am I to think I can be successful".  First, know that you are not alone and you were made for greatness!  

I help you move through the sea of uncertainty so that you gain clarity on your next level of success.  I'll work on the inside first, focusing on those limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.  I'll give you the tools to make a successful transition to your next level of success.  We'll then work on transforming you on the outside so that you speak up and show up as your best self; full of confidence and looking fabuous.

Who Can Benefit Most

Corporate women who seek advancement in their current position but are challenged with confidence, self-esteem and the "Glass Ceiling".

Corporate women who want to leave their 9 to 5 and become their own CEO.

Professional and Ex-Military Women who seek success outside of their chosen profession.