Premier Success Coach

Susan Eckert

Mindset Transformation / Energy Balance Coach

Susan Eckert, MA, CH



Coaching Philosophy

Are you living your fullest potential? is a question Susan Eckert has dedicated her life to asking us all. Why? "Because research findings,"  she says, "paint a dismal picture: over 80% of us feel we are "not enough." And if we feel we are not enough, we likely aren't believing in ourselves, feeling confident, or taking steps to fulfill our purpose and become all we can be. Not only does a society's progress depend on its professionals and entrepreneurs feeling driven by purpose...our own sense of well-being requires it!"                                                                                        

Susan believes the limiting mindsets we inherit from cultural, gender, class, or other external influences show up whenever we fail to stand in our worth, pursue next-level career advancement opportunities, or command salaries/premium pricing that more accurately reflects our knowledge, skills & abilities. It shows up when we struggle to connect with and express our intuitive gifts or clarify our purpose. And it shows up when we prioritize taking care of everyone around us while neglecting ourselves. 

A cheerleader for ambitious professionals & entrepreneurs, Susan helps to transform mindset so her clients can re-build empowering self-concept stories, self-confidence/esteem/worth, and wellness-enhancing self-care practices as they become unstoppable in the pursuit of their biggest dreams and highest purpose. 

Instead of hiding their greatness, living quietly in the shadows, and longing for a more meaningful, fulfilling life, Susan inspires her clients to step out so they can Own, Embody & Deliver their gifts in service to the world. Her PSA approach empowers each client through a process of Personal Story Amplification so their APB becomes their Amplified Personal Brand.

Who Can Benefit Most

Ambitious professionals who know they are capable of more

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs in pursuit of meaningful contribution

Those who feel an inner calling for something greater

Women coming up against mindset blocks which keep them from achieving their visions

Women ready to practice self-care and prioritize their own dreams

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