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Coaching Philosophy

You've done everything right. Perhaps, you have gone to school, gotten a prestigious job or career, and had the family, or D - all of the above. You have it all. You should be happy. 

Yet, there is something missing. So you started reading all the self-help books, podcasts, and started trying to "fix" what is wrong. You feel like your were sold a false bill of goods and that "adulting" sucks. You think, "Is this really it?" or "I guess this is as good as it gets."

Your feelings are valid. You are not wrong. Somewhere along the way, you lost sight of your true self, your true values, and how to be you. It doesn't matter how well you perform or high you achieve, it will never be enough until you learn to be your true self and that starts with listening to YOURSELF.

I work with leaders who want to help themselves learn to be themselves again. These leaders are struggling with overwork and overwhelm to avoid burnout and find fulfillment in their lives. 

I believe all of my clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. The reason they need a coach is because they are so stuck in one perspective and can no longer see the forest from the trees. In addition, they may feel that the task of "fixing" their life is so daunting they don't know where to begin.

My role as a coach is to help you find your inner voice, learn to listen to it, and distinguish it from the saboteur voices. Once you re-learn how to listen to yourself, we'll discover your true values, so you can live your values. Once you do this, you become limitless.

Who Can Benefit Most

People who:

  • feel overwhelmed by their current life, expectations, and obligations
  • tried therapy and self-help books already, but still feel stuck and need help to get to the next step
  • want accountability to help them live their dream life
  • want to work on increasing their self-compassion and grace
  • want to be better leaders in their relationships, families, and communities
  • want to live their lives instead of the one others told them to live

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