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Coaching Philosophy

Starting a business is simple, growing and scaling one is not. I help service-based women entrepreneurs launch, grow and scale profitable legally protected businesses using my signature LACED Method ™, the exact
methodology I used to take my initial part time side hustle coaching business from 0 to 6 figures in less than 12 months. My proven step by step signature system is the secret sauce to growing and scaling a sustainable 6 or
7 figure business and I love sharing it with driven women entrepreneurs all over the world who are committed to building a business and lifestyle that they love.

Do you dream of starting a business but have no clue how to get started?
Do you know you have gifts and talents but are unclear on how to monetize them?
Have you started a business but are struggling to consistently attract premium clients?
Are you currently in business but are regularly finding yourself on the feast or famine cash flow hamster wheel?
Are you attracting premium prospects but struggling to convert those prospects into paying clients?
Are you stuck at a certain income level because you don't know how to scale?
Are you doing well in your business but ignoring the legal side leaving your profit and assets at risk?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would love to help you get off the struggle bus.

Your solution is simply a complimentary coaching call away!

I started out as an accidental entrepreneur. I started my first business while in college because I was a single mom and operating my own business was the best option at the time. It provided me the income needed to support myself and my son, while allowing me time flexibility to continue furthering my education. I subsequently went to law school and afterwards began my legal career as a Prosecutor. Several years later, I resigned to start my own law firm. At that point, I was an intentional entrepreneur with a game plan and a proven strategy. I implemented the business skills I had acquired from my business education background and the experience I honed from building my first successful business and I quickly scaled my law practice to 3 locations in my first year of business.

As I began representing business owners and entrepreneurs in legal disputes, I started to see a common pattern: most business owners and entrepreneurs were only focused on working in their businesses not on their businesses.
They were focused on making money, not scaling their business or protecting their profit. And most were failing at both, the business and the legal side because they lacked clear intention and a proven strategy. I created
a solution to address this problem, combining my business and legal experience. I began coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to launch, grow and scale profitable legally protected businesses. I designed my
signature system just for you, the LACED Method™ which integrates business and legal strategies. Just like myself, my clients and the many entrepreneurs that I have served, YOU too can have a sustainable business that
generates the income you desire while providing the legal protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Who Can Benefit Most

YOU if you are a Coach, Consultant, Creative, Expert or Service Provider and you know that it is YOUR time to:

launch a new business with a proven step by step blueprint

grow or scale a currently stagnant business

get more clients, close more sales and increase your cash flow in the next 60 days

end the feast or famine business cycle and implement a proven system that will generate consistent predictable income

get positioned as the sought-after expert in your niche

have sales conversations that lead to instant self-enrollment

stop ignoring the legal side of your business so you can make more money AND keep it

build or scale a sustainable lifestyle business that you love!

If you are still not sure if I can help you or you have a specific problem or question you want to make certain I can address, contact me and I will be happy to reply. I look forward to helping you start, sale and scale!