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Sandra Abbey

Small Business Strategy and Results

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Coaching Philosophy

Create A Strategic Business Adventure that Gets Measurable Results!

Clients hire me to help them rediscover the purpose and reignite the passion in their business. Most have gotten stuck in the boring details of their business and have lost sight of what matters most. They feel burned out, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed. They are stuck in status quo, have cloudy vision about the future of their business, and have go it alone syndrome – trying to do it all with no support system.

My program includes:

Business breakthrough planning: I get inside your business  to figure out what’s working, what’s not working, and what to do about it.

Vision casting: You will get clarity on exactly what you want to achieve.

Action planning: Create your strategic business adventure with a support and accountability system that gets results every time!

Who Can Benefit Most

Small Business Owners, Solo Entrepreneurs, and Independent Business Representatives who feel:

  • Burned-out and stuck doing things that don’t get them the results they always dreamed of

  • Unfulfilled without a sense of direction, meaning or purpose

  • Overwhelmed with no support and accountability system in place

  • If you are ready to create a strategic adventure: Continuously moving forward; working on what matters most; planning for and achieving the results you always wanted; and enjoying the life you once dreamed of as a strong, independent, business woman – then my system of business coaching for success will give you the tools to get results!