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Ronda Renee

Ensuring you're running the business your Soul wants you to; not just the one you think you have to in order to make money. Soul-Aligned Business Coaching, Divine Navigation Master & Divine Profits Mentor

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Coaching Philosophy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words “I’m fed up.” “I hate my business.” “I’m ready to quit.” From 7-figure entrepreneurs to those struggling to hit their first 6-figures and every stage in between. The thing these entrepreneurs most have in common is they are running the business they think they “have-to” in order to make money.                                                                                        

They’ve taken all the courses, followed all the formulas, learned all the latest marketing trends - even implemented a few ;-) - and modeled what their mentors have done. These are all very useful things - until they’re not.

While of course we need to know what’s out there and what’s working now, the same systems and strategies don’t work the same for everyone. If they did we could all take the exact same steps and get the exact same results. And we know that’s not what happens, don’t we?

You see, the business in your Soul is not the same as the business in my Soul, or the business in that other entrepreneur’s Soul. We are all unique Soul’s with unique energetic frequencies and unique marketing styles. What’s aligned for someone else may not be what aligned for you.

The more aligned your actions are with what you Soul wants for you the more ease-filled your efforts will be. The more you rely on the guidance of our Soul, the more satisfaction will come with your success. When you make your Soul your business partner you can be assured of all this and more!

Ronda helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and service professionals makes sure they’re running the business their Soul wants them to; not just the one they think they have to in order to make money. Ronda is the founder of Divine Navigation®  and creator of the Divine Coordinates®  process and Business in Your Soul® program.

Who Can Benefit Most

At a cross roads in your business? Not sure which direction to go next? Wondering if you’re even in the right business?

Or maybe you’ve built a business that looks great on the outside but doesn’t feel quite so great on the inside. 

Whatever stage of business you are in, if you’re interested in a new way of being in business - from how you make decisions, how you view perceived competition, what marketing methods are most aligned and how you measure success - then I’m your gal. 

If you’re looking for clarity on your purpose or direction, reach out today.

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