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Pat Miller

Idea Coach, Customer Engagement, Sales & Marketing, Proud e-Male!

Coach Donor

Small Step Solutions, LLC

Coaching Philosophy

When you need to grow your business, let's talk. I can help you in two ways: Idea Coaching and Sales Marketing Guidance to help you create unique ways to get the attention of your customers and increase sales. Why me? I spent 20+ years in the radio industry building brands from scratch, creating head-turning promotions and record-breaking sales programs. Along the way, I've earned my MBA and launched my consulting company to help Business Owners stand out from their competition. Together, we can cut through your marketing clutter and find a clear and concise way to get the attention of the buyers you need. Most importantly, we'll create a unique way to position your product so they know exactly "What's In It For Me?" If you'd like business and marketing support, I offer one-on-one monthly coaching sessions to create ideas, messaging and promotions. I'm battle tested and ready to see you shine. Let's start the conversation with your free coaching call! #useyourcalls

Who Can Benefit Most

If you need to grow your sales, you can get unique marketing & positioning ideas with one-on-one coaching. You need accountability and support.